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Treetop Challenge

Pick the wild card, swap the weekend sports game for a whole new challenge that is sure to test everyone with a visit to the high ropes in Cumbria. Begin with the relative ease of Grandpop’s and let your competitive side build up to a finish on the skidding Shuffle – a task that will require you to use all your strength and balance. If our tricky crossings aren’t quite enough to satisfy the urge for a breath-taking experience, you’re sure to be thrilled by a ride on the formidable Tarzan Swing -  enough for any adrenaline junkie!

16+ regular price: £33
Under 15 regular price: £25

Up to 20% off early bookings with promotional code*: ADVANCED
*Bookings cannot be cancelled, refunded or changed. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more here.

Prices from: £20

Adventure Overview

  • Safety

    Self Belay

  • Duration

    2-3 hours

  • Difficulty

    Go Moderate

  • Highest Platform


  • Longest Zip


  • Maximum Weight

    20.5 stone (130kg)

  • Minimum Age

    10 years old

  • Minimum Height

    1.4m (4ft 7")

practical information

  • Enjoyable 3 hours. Friendly, helpful staff.


  • I got this for my husband for our anniversary not realising just how scared of heights he was. He tried the first part but really wasn't enjoying it and the staff were great and told him not to worry and gave us a full refund without hesitation! Shame we didn't get round it but it was very well managed and looked great!

    Sarah Shanks

  • My son had an amazing time. Barry and Finn were great!


  • Scared of heights. I come to face to face with my fears which Made it more fun for my son who laughed As clung too every tree. my son aged 11 didn’t help as he skipped through all the stages, me I was at snails pace. Brilliant day out you must do it, it’s a great day.

    Mr George Ibbs

  • Great introduction and confidence giving brief.

    Phi Newman

  • I didn’t actually do it. My daughter and granddaughter did it. My granddaughter was scared at first but she loved it and wants to go again to do the extreme sections they missed out

    Susan Southworth