2018 winners aged 4-7

Ashira, 7

Most people know Devon is beautiful but hardly anyone knows what is truly beneath. I will tell you the tale of two kind and brave sisters who live in Devon, called Ashira and Sophia. Whenever they were bored of staying at home, especially when it was school holidays and raining, they lifted up the red stripy mat in their bedroom, which hid a secret tunnel that they scrambled through. At the end of the tunnel, there were birds, tigers, lions and all sorts of creatures. Best of all there was a mysterious, unique tree. The tree was the most beautiful the two sisters had ever seen. It had multi-coloured beady eyes, golden velvet leaves and its trunk was as blue as the ocean, but it was grumpier than it looked. One day, the two sisters went to touch the tree.

“Oi, get off me leaves,” squeaked the tree. The two sisters opened their mouths very wide and asked,

“What kind of tree are you? We know you’re not some ordinary kind of tree.”

“I am the last talking, walking, wishing tree and my name is Bernard.” The girls asked if they could make a wish. Bernard grumpily agreed because he was kind like the girls even though he was grumpy. The girls whispered a plan to each other and wished for the happiness of the tree first. The wishing tree’s grumpy face turned into the most meaningful smile.

“I’ve been asleep for seven thousand years. People only wake me up to make selfish wishes about themselves. But you are the only children who wished for the happiness of me.” He told the girls that his ancestors came from the Amazon Rainforest and he longed to go there. The girls wished he could go back to the Amazon Rainforest because that was his happiness. The girls felt upset because they could never see the tree again.

“Bernard, please can we make one selfish wish? We want to see you again. We want our tunnel in Devon connected to the Amazon Rainforest.” As his beady, colourful eyes turned like disco lights, their wish was granted. So their adventure continued.



Abigail, 7

One day in my Grandmas garden I was playing outside near the old cranky rusty well. I peered down the well and saw glittery, sparkly glistening objects, but didn't know what it was. I lowered the bucket down slowly it took quite a few times but suddenly the bucket was full. I pulled it up and a pair of magic shoes and a bottle laid there, but no ordinary bottle it had a magic letter inside. I opened the lid and inside I read the letter it said "if you wear these shoes they will transport you anywhere you wish". At night I slipped on the magic shoes that I had hidden under my bed and I wished with all my might to go to Paris.


All of a sudden I was in the lively streets of Paris with wonderful music and smells of food. I could see the biggest tower I had ever seen called the Eiffel Tower. I wandered to a wonderful bright coloured pastry shop full of absolutely delicious huge cakes. I chose the chocolate strawberry swirl with extra sprinkles and my mouth watered I took a huge bite and it the most marvelous cake in the world. It was getting late in Paris so I decided to end my adventure for this night.


With my shoes neatly under the bed I began to drift to sleep but suddenly my shoes started to rattle and rumble. The window flew open and in came a beautiful dragonfly with glistening wings shimmering in the mirror next to my bed. The dragon fly could speak and told me a goblin was coming to steal my magic shoes but that the shoes would only fit me and if the goblin tried them on he would turn into a toad. I decided to go with Grandma and return my shoes to the well, she was so amazed to hear of my adventure. In the morning I had lovely memories of my visit to Paris and as I wandered out into the sunshine filled garden I almost tripped over, a sticky warty toad lay on the path in front of me wearing a little red hat.



Diya, 7

On my seventh birthday, I was so lucky. I got a pair of magnificent, smart wings that could fly high in the sky like a bird! They were fluffy, smooth and with lots of layers of silky fur. Like a car, it had a gear to go up or down, fast or slow and left or right! It looked so cool. My loving dad invented it just for me because my dream was to fly! I called it Smart Wings 360. My dad taught me how to use it. At first, I couldn’t control it. Instead of going up, I went down. Instead of going left, I went right! Later on, I was a master at it! All my friends were so jealous and really wished they had one. One day, my dad let me try it outside alone. I flew high and switched between speeds making it feel like a rollercoaster! I had a lot of fun flying! Suddenly, I stopped. I saw a flock of birds, but they weren’t ordinary birds. They were special magical birds that could talk. “Hello.” I said cheerily. “You are so beautiful! What type of bird are you?” asked the birds. “I’m not a bird. I am actually a human. My name is Angel.” “A human bird!” squawked one bird. “No, I’m a person!” I laughed. “Oh! Do you want to come to our kingdom?” suggested the birds. “I’d love to.” So we flew to their kingdom. The kingdom was absolutely fantastic with rainbows and flowers everywhere. It was a very enchanted place and there were so many blooming flowers that made me feel really ecstatic. There were even shops for the birds with delicious food and interesting books! It was like a normal street but above the clouds! “Can you be our queen?” asked a bird who was staring at me in amazement. “It would be an honour!” I replied with a huge grin on my face! They had a special celebration where they gave me a dazzling, shimmering crown! There were lots of things I had to do as a queen and I enjoyed it. Lots of birds greeted me and it was so lovely. I liked waving and greeting the adoring birds and I always forgave them if they did something wrong. But I felt like something was missing. It was my family. I really missed them. When I was brave enough, I asked the birds. “May I please go home to my parents because I really miss them?” The birds were thinking… “Hmm, if you leave then our queen won’t be here though.” “Please, I’ve been here for such a long time and I feel really upset without them.” I begged. “Ok. We will let you, but come back soon.” “Thank you very much!” I exclaimed and I flew away. A few moments later, I had got lost because it was so far! Back home my parents were really worried because I had been missing for a week! Luckily, my dad and mum had made spare wings for them to fly with! They were ready to take off and search for me in the sky! On the way, I spotted a speck in the distance. It was my family! “Mum! Dad!” I shouted. “We missed you Angel! Where have you been?” Shouted my parents who were happy they found me. “I met some magic, talking birds! I went to their kingdom and I’m the queen there! Come, I’ll show you!” We flew back to the enchanted kingdom and all the magical birds bowed at us! I had so much fun together with my new bird friends and my family! We have so much in common and I had a spectacular time!
The End




My names Kaleo, I am 5, I have 5 brothers and a sister and we like going on an adventure together. Last summer my mummy, daddy and auntie Katy took us to a HUGE forest to hunt for Dinosaurs. The trees were very big so the dinosaurs were very hard to find. We walked along a lot of paths until we found a HUGE footprint, it was the dinosaurs footprint so we knew we were on the right path. There was a lot of dino dens so i think a lot of the dinosaurs were asleep. Mummy said we had to be prepared so we had to find things for a dino survival kit. We had sticks to throw for them to fetch (this gave us time to hide) leaves to tickle them, pine cones to make them slip and a flower to make them sneeze (dinosaurs have Hayfever too) a lot of the trees had fallen over so the dinosaurs must have sneezed a lot! We were lucky enough to find an Invisi-saurus (you can only see them by looking through a camera on your phone). We were very quiet so we didn't get chased all the way back to the car when it was time to go home. I hope we go and visit the Invisi-saurus again in the summer and i will ask him if we can be friends. Even dinosaurs need friends to play with.




2017 winners aged 4-7


All was quiet in the forest by the cave until a thunderous crash and an electrifying flash of light.

"Is it a storm?" asked baby bat.

"Hmm, I've never seen a storm like that" said mummy bat.

"E-lo-po" said a voice.

The bats saw a little creature shaped like a Z that looked like electricity. The bats replied through echolocation. The creature understood and replied; "I'm Zob, my spaceship crashed here. I was on my way to granny's house when I was sucked into a blackhole and lost three things from my spaceship power rock. Without them my spaceship cannot fly and I crash landed here."

"What three things?" asked the bats.

"A crystal, a crocodile tooth and some space dust" said Zob.

"We can help with the crystal, come with us!" said the bats. They went into the cave, it was dark and gloomy but Zob lit the way. Zob followed the bats, crawling through cold tunnels, clambering over humongous stalagmites with water dripping on him and making him spark until finally they reached a crystal.

Then baby bat said, "you look like you are electric, do you have any electrical powers?"

"Yes" said Zob and he used them to cut out the crystal. The crystal was green. Zob carefully pushed it into his spaceship power rock. The rock glowed for a minute and then rolled away.

“Bye bats” said Zob, “thank you”! He followed the rock. It rolled all the way out of the cave, through the forest and into a river and there it splashed about until it went into a crocodile's mouth. The crocodile spat out the rock and with it came one of his teeth. "Great" said Zob, "now where can I find some space dust?".

The crocodile said, "I will tell you, if you give me some of that shiny zappy stuff that is on you". So Zob put some of his electrical powers into a little ball and gave it to the crocodile. The crocodile said, "You can get space dust in space!" Cheeky crocodile thought Zob. Then, the rock started to roll away. Why are you running away from me, thought Zob. Zob sadly followed after it, all the way to a desert. The rock stopped and Zob started to cry, how could he get space dust on earth. His tears dripped on the sand. The sand! Maybe that would do. He sprinkled the sand into the space dust hole in the rock. The rock glowed again and started to roll, all the way back to the spaceship. Zob put the rock into its hole. The rock moved into the middle of the spaceship and the hole snapped shut. The spaceship took off. Zob safely inside, thought about the black hole, the crash landing, the helpful bats, the dark caves, the wide river, the cheeky crocodile and the desert and fell asleep until he arrived at his granny's house for moon cakes and astro bakes.



Winner - Best use of Language
Age 4-7 category


The island I discovered is in the Pacific Ocean and 400 miles away from Peru. On my travels I saw a dwarf sperm whale, a few turtles and a giant jellyfish. As I neared the island the sea got very choppy and my ship nearly sank. I made it to shore and I found myself in a patch of long grass. I walked East and found a spooky and empty hut. I decided that would be where I would stay and sleep at night. I walked further on and found a beautiful beach with lots of shells and deck chairs. The sea was calmer here because there weren’t so many waves. I walked further to the North of the island and found myself in a huge squelchy bog. I had to use the rope I brought with me to get myself out. I made the rope into a lasso, threw it onto a rock and pulled myself out. As I walked West I went through a dark forest full of howling wolves and screeching bats. I was a bit scared, but I walked on. I kept going, I saw a light and ran towards it. I saw the sun and knew that I was out of the forest. There wasn’t much to see on the West coast, but as I went South I saw an octopus.
“Hello,” it said, “What is your name?”
“My name is Bob, what is yours?”
“My name is Chunk.”
“Nice to meet you but I must be on my way. I have exploring to do.”
I went on and saw nothing much, but when I had walked at least a mile I came to a bridge. I had discovered an inner island. When I explored the inner island, I discovered a snowy mountain. I started to climb it. On my way up I put on my special climbing boots to help me grip to the side of the mountain. When I had reached the top of the mountain I stopped and had a cup of tea and after a while I sledged back down. I went North and then East and found a volcano, it was not erupting so I climbed up it. When I had reached the top, I saw everything I had seen so far. I also saw a X in the sand, when I heard a rumble. The volcano was starting to erupt, I ran. Whilst I was running I put some volcanic rock in my bag. I reached the bottom I looked back expecting to see the volcano erupting but I realised it was just my tummy rumbling. I walked over to the X got out my spade and started digging a big hole. It got so big that I had to climb into it. After a while my spade hit something hard, I took it out and saw that it was a crown with glittering diamonds. I was so excited to have discovered this beautiful island and awesome crown. It was time to go home.


Winner: Non-Fiction Winner
Age 4-7 category

Today I went on an exciting adventure deep in the dark forest, it was amazing in the deep dark forest. First, we went on a very, very scary Gruffalo hunt, it was fantastic. We searched for some footprints, they were very scary. There were spooky big footprints and little teeny footprints too. At the end we found the big monstrous Gruffalo. Next, I went on the fantastic high tree course, I loved it. The zip wire on the tree course was amazing, I screamed a lot on the zip wire because it was super fast. I went on the scary wibbly wobbly tree course, it was as high as the tree tops. I felt like I was the Owl from the Gruffalo soaring through the trees. I had a really great time at the forest for Father's Day and I can't wait until I can go again, hopefully I will win the adventure story competition and I can take all of my class with me too!

MAX, 6

Winner - Best Character
Age 4-7 category

One dark evening at London Zoo when the zoo was about to close, a gorilla had gone missing. He weighed four hundred and fifty stone! He had gone to search for food in the cafe and found a pie and took out its stuffing. Then he replaced it with ferns and then he ate it. As stuffed as a turkey he lumbered onto a bus which was heading South. Off to the beach! The bus groaned at the heavy weight of King Kong, the gorilla and set off to the beach.
On the bus King Kong snored as loud as a fire engine! All the other people jerked up and down like they had pins in their seats, including the bus driver because the noise was so loud.
When they got to the smooth, sanded beach, King Kong jumped off on his rough feet and snorted, "I feel as hot as a frying pan!".
As he jumped in the air a whooshing noise made people fall backwards. Into the sea he went with a splat. He couldn't see anything because the water was so murky and cloudy. He saw a glinting light ahead and swam over towards it. BANG! He hit something that felt like a box. He opened it and out came a booming voice and a smell of menace. It was a mean, old genie! As he picked up King Kong with the giant hand, he cackled with laughter and threw King Kong into the box and trapped him.
"Now I have got you trapped, you can replace me, and I will be free." Inside King Kong felt dizzy because the genie was casting a spell outside.
"Get this meanie and make him a genie," shrieked the genie. What the genie didn't notice was that loads of crabs were forming underneath the box and lifting King Kong up. As the crabs released magic energy, the box slowly went to the surface. Once again King Kong could breath and feel the swishing air.
Suddenly he heard a giant voice, "Awwwww," the genie screamed.
There was a boulder crash and he was getting flattened like a pancake. Bang! King Kong was getting free at last. The Gorilla Helicopter was smashing the box to bits. His gorilla friends in the helicopter lowered a rope down to him and he jumped up and caught it. After a few yanks and pulls he was in the helicopter. His friends took him back, lowered a stretcher down to the vets and he had an operation. After the operation they gave him a drink of mint juice and a sandwich stuffed with bamboo leaves. The gorilla felt much better, returned home safely and decided to stay at the zoo forever. As for the genie, well I hope all the badness has been squished out of him so that people are safe on the beach.