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Speed Climbing

Go Ape are celebrating 2020.... we mean 2021 being the summer of sport by launching an exclusive, limited time, Speed Climbing adventure at Go Ape Alexandra Palace.

Speed will be the name of the game as you race a friend up the 9m wall (that's higher than two London double-decker busses) to see who can stop the clock first and be the king or queen of the mountain.

Don't celebrate for too long as you'll then descend to the ground and do it all over again or swap places with one of your group. The maximum group size is 6.

How many times will you and your friends or family manage to make the climb within your 20-minute session? Will your first, second, or third go be your personal best? And who will win the all-important gold medal of bragging rights? 
Spaces are limited so you will need to book as fast as you'll climb!

On your marks, get set, BOOK!

Locations Prices: £10

Adventure Overview

  • Duration

    20 mins

  • Wall Height


  • Maximum Weight

    20.5 Stone (130kg)

  • Minimum Height

    1.4m (4ft 7in)

Practical information


Man in red t shirt and shorts climbing up Go Ape Speed Climbing wall at Alexandra Palace.
Woman in brown t shirt looking up at camera on Go Ape Speed Climbing wall.
Man and woman climbing up Go Ape Speed Climbing wall at Alexandra Palace.
Man in white t shirt climbing up Go Ape Alexandra speed climbing wall.
Man and woman racing up Speed Climbing wall at Go Ape Alexandra Palace.
Man and woman at bottom of Go Ape Alexandra Palace Speed Climbing wall.
  • go ape was such a great experience!! challenging urself physically and mentally was soo good and felt super rewarding achieving the different courses and pushing urself out ur comfort zone, cos the adrenaline is crazy paha !! well worth the money, as the amount of time spent there is decent and there’s no pressure to complete the courses within an allotted time at all! parking is dead cheap as well! £2 for 8 hours, the rest of coombe park is gorgeous as well :)) i’d just say that everything needs signposting a lil clearer, which way to go to the loos, which direction to go on the courses in certain areas, where the pay for parking bit is xx 10/10 all the staff are super sweet and friendly too

    melly.p :)

  • The new intermediate course at Coombe Abbey is great. But please redesign the Fisherman's Trap, it is tricky to ascend, in my opinion the challenge should be travelling between the trees, not getting up there in the first place.

    Lisa P

  • We went to the Go Ape in Coventry. It was absolutely gorgeous and the staff were wonderful. I was quite scared, but the lady who helped us was extremely helpful, and helped me face my fears. By the end we felt a lot more confident. Really beautiful location, great challenge. We did get a little bit hungry, so maybe take snacks.


  • We had a great time at Go Ape in Coventry, everything was very straight forward and all the staff were friendly and helpful. The kids and adults had a blast up the trees and it was great that after our safety briefing we were mostly left to our own devices and could do it all at our own pace. Thanks to all the staff for a great day!

    Roz Lloyd

  • The Coventry Go Ape was great fun. We liked the 4 different courses on the Treetop Challenge. It was challenging and a bit of an adrenalin thrill too!

    Richard Field

  • Coventry treetop challenge was excellent value for money and staff were brilliant.