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On top of your adventure, you’ll take home a certificate of achievement, a few bits of stowaway woodchip (check your pants), and priceless memories to last a lifetime.

  • Tree Top Adventure

    Our rope ladders are your gateway to a hidden world. The challenge? Lead your Tribe through the forest canopy, tackling tricky obstacles and wind-in-your-face zip lines. Two to three hours of action-packed adventure.

  • Tree Top Junior

    Release your mini-Tarzans on an adventure designed just for them. Watch them reach new heights as they spend an hour conquering wobbly crossings, before finishing on a high with an awesome zip wire.

  • Forest Segway

    Experience the forest like never before with our one-hour Forest Segway adventure. Master new skills in our training area before heading off-road on an all-terrain, self-balancing electric Segway.

  • Nets Kingdom

    Bounce, climb and slide through the tree tops with the country’s biggest nets adventure. Explore humongous tree top trampolines, netted walkways, enchanted tree houses and more. 

  • Zip Trekking Adventure

    Feel the freedom of flight. Perfect for daring duos, our tandem zip wires offer a bird’s eye view of the forest below. There’s nothing like soaring through the trees with the wind in your hair, touching down to the cheers of your Tribe.

Are you an innie or and outie?
No, we're not talking about belly buttons.

That would be rather odd. It would be a challenge for us to scribe, and difficult for you to stomach - cue groans.

We're talking about indoors vs the great outdoors. As you know we're big fans of the latter and there's SO much to do.

Now's a great time of year to go exploring and experience new things, and whilst it's fresh outside, that's never stopped you lot. Right?

Innie Or Outie Corp CTA

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