Stag And Hen Dos At Go Ape

  • Sophie
  • 26th September 2016

Has your best mate recently announced that they're tying the knot, and you've been landed with the task of organising their stag or hen do?

No pressure or anything, but this will probably be your best bud's last blowout before their big day. So naturally, you'll want to please the bride- or groom-to-be by making it a trip to remember... for all the right reasons!

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure, here's an idea: round up your best (pri)mates and come swing through the trees at Go Ape!

If you've never unleashed your inner Tarzan on a Tree Top Adventure before, expect 2-3 hours of trailblazing and canopy exploring as you and your tribe take on a whole host of sky-high obstacles. We've got rope ladders, bridges, tunnels, stirrups, swings, nets, zip wires...we've got it all!

We guarantee that your adventure will be far more memorable than a trip into town in fancy dress!

Oh, and on the subject of fancy dress, we strongly encourage stag and hen parties to arrive at the forest in costume - here are some ideas for themes:



Batman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, Flash, Catwoman...there's an (almost) endless list of superheroes you could dress as! And you'll all look pretty fly when you leap off the Tarzan Swing with your capes flapping in the wind.

1970s Disco

Party in the tree tops donning disco gear; big 'fros, big flares, leg warmers and bold, psychedelic prints! D-I-S-C-O!

Cartoon characters

Transform into one of your favourite cartoon characters! Buzz Lightyear? Marge Simpson? Elmo?!

Harry Potter

Put a spell on the tree tops dressed head-to-toe in wizard clobber; robes, hats, wands, the lot! The bride- or groom-to-be gets to be Harry, just don't forget the glasses.


Dress up as your favourite animal, whether that's a cow, lion, monkey (the obvious choice!), parrot or panda! If one of your tribe takes too long to complete an obstacle, their forfeit is to make the noise of their chosen animal as loud as they can.

Charity shop

Everyone in your group has to buy the cheapest, yet smartest outfit they can from a local charity shop (accessories too). Make sure you all choose something 'extra special' for the bride- or groom-to-be.

When deciding on a theme, remember that you all need to be able to swing from tree to tree (which means dressing like Sponge Bob is a little impractical). You'll obviously want to take a few snaps of your tribe too, and you can take a camera into the trees so long as it's attached to you with a lanyard. One of the Go Ape tribe will be more than happy to take a group photo when you've all completed your adventure!

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