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Spend Time, Not Money!

  • Sophie
  • 13th November 2015

We heard this recently and it really struck a chord: Collect moments, not things!

In the fast-paced world we live in, we tend to get wrapped up in the idea that material things are what people want for Christmas. But take a minute and cast your minds back to Christmases of the past, or any other time of the year, for that matter. Chances are it's not the presents you remember, it's the people, the experiences, and the way they made you feel.

And kids are just the same as shown in the latest emotional Ikea advert, which featured a group of young children who were given the task of writing two letters: one to Santa and one to their parents. The one to St Nick, unsurprisingly, included items such as toys, musical instruments and games.

The letters to their mums and dads, however, were a completely different ball game. Their wishes included to "spend more time together, to be able to spend time with their parents for "one whole day and (adorably!) one child had the simplest of requests: "to be tickled!

At the end of the ad (by this point we're in tears, and so are the parents in the film!), the children are asked which out of the two letters they would send if they could only pick one. And it's the wishes to spend more time with their parents that they choose.


So it confirms what we thought: this Christmas, we should give the gift of time.

Or the gift of experience and the gift of adventure. After all, these are the things that build relationships, build us as people, and build memories to last a lifetime.

Spending time together needn't involve copious amounts of money, either often, it doesn't need to involve any cash at all! A walk in the woods, for example, a bike ride along the coast or an outing to the local library all give us the opportunity to engage, interact and have fun together.

This year, why not let your family unwrap the gift of adventure?

Give them something to look forward to in the New Year by treating them to vouchers to come to Go Ape with you and the rest of your tribe! Let them unleash their inner Tarzans, all whilst spending time with the people they love most in the world: you. It won't break the bank, but will give them a confidence-building experience that they'll treasure long after the festive season ends.

Treat someone to an adventure with a Go Ape gift voucher:


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