Go Ape does everything possible to live life adventurously.

Our blog shares with you ways you can push yourself to the limits in challenging outdoor activities.

Read about all our adventures we have to offer below ... 
  • Forest Segway

    Ditch the mountain bike and find out how to explore the forest the 21st century way. Information on all of our Forest Segway adventures can be found here!

  • Nets Kingdom

    You can try not to get caught up in our Nets Kingdom but we cannot promise you won't get all tied up in the Nets Kingdom blog posts you're about to climb into! 

  • Tree Top Adventure

    All the information you could ever need about the about our original Tree Top Adventure is right here. Take to the canopy and get a new view on life! 

  • Tree Top Junior

    Our Tree Top Junior course is tailor made to provide our youngest Tribe members with endless fun! Here's all you need to know to plan the day they'll always remember.

  • Zip Trekking Adventure

    Fly through this blog and zip through the articles to find out everything you need to know about our Zip Trekking Adventure!