• Summer-Superstars

    Can I Go Ape?

    • New Data Item
    • 5th June 2017
    Are you wondering if you can Go Ape? Find out how you can embark on a fun and challenging adventure!
  • Take-the-First-Step-Go-Ape

    #Takethefirststep: One Step At A Time

    • Sophie
    • 20th September 2016
    Ready to take the first steps into leading a healthier and happier life? Do it with Go Ape and embark on your first adventure...
  • TreeTopAdventureFamily

    The Moment You Become Part Of The Tribe

    • Sophie
    • 24th April 2015
    You've booked your first Go Ape adventure. Be prepared for some awesome tree-top obstacles, find out about them here.
  • Hands-or-No-Hands

    Hands Or No Hands?

    • Sophie
    • 13th April 2015
    The Go Ape tribe love a challenge! So we challenge you to try your tree-top adventure with no hands! Could you do it?
  • Tackle-The-Tree-Tops

    When Did You Last Tackle The Tree Tops?

    • Sophie
    • 2nd March 2015
    Can you remember the last adventure you embarked on? Go Ape love to be in the know with our Tribe's adventures. Share your stories with us.
  • Zip6

    The Top Five Most Challenging Go Ape Obstacles

    • Sophie
    • 10th September 2014
    Take a look at what everyone's favourite Marketing Monkey, Dan, thinks are the top five most challenging obstacles on our courses.
  • The-big-6-adventures

    The BIG 6 Adventures

    • Sophie
    • 20th March 2014
    Do you think you can handle the hardest of all our obstacles? Take a look at the big 6 from across the UK and see if you could tackle them.