• The-Big-Canopy-Campout

    Did You Get Involved With The Big Canopy Campout?

    • Sophie
    • 30th June 2017
    Read all about these fundraising campers who spent their night in the great outdoors to learn all about rainforests.
  • OBT2

    Five Days In The Life Of An Outward Bound Ambassador

    • Sophie
    • 29th June 2017
    Sam Hardy from Banana HQ experience as an Outward Bound Ambassador. Read about an inspirational adventure he embarked in...
  • Crawley-Kangaroos

    Three Cheers For The Crawley Tribe!

    • Sophie
    • 26th June 2017
    Read all about the Crawley Tribe's latest adventure for their chosen charity of the year!
  • Big-Canopy-Campout-Blog

    Head To The Trees For The Big Canopy Campout

    • Sophie
    • 20th June 2017
    It's time to head to the trees. Find out how you can be a part of The Big Canopy Campout to raise money for the The World Land Trust.
  • chairty-bake-sale-aberfoyle

    Go Ape's 30 Chosen Charities

    • Sophie
    • 16th June 2017
    Go Ape strongly believes in giving back to the community. Find out how we fundraise for our chosen charity.
  • Trees-for-Cities-and-Go-Ape

    Planting A Legacy - How Much You Raised

    • Sophie
    • 23rd January 2017
    Go Ape and Tree For Cities partnered up and with your help raised £9000 for their incredible organisation. Read how here
  • Trees-for-Cities-and-Go-Ape

    Go Ape For Trees For Cities

    • Sophie
    • 6th December 2016
    At Go Ape we're all about trees! Read how your winter adventures help Tree For Cities to plant lots and lots of trees...
  • Go-Ape-Three-Peaks-Yacht-Race

    Adventurous Fundraising Activities For 2016

    • Sophie
    • 1st July 2016
    Read how the Go Ape Tribe have lived life adventurously to raise money for our chosen charity of 2016. Get involved now!
  • Crawley-Bananathon

    Bananas In A Harness - Crawley Bananathon

    • Sophie
    • 4th May 2016
    At Go Ape we love fundraising! The Crawley Tribe walk a marathon dressed as bananas to raise money for The Outward Bound Trust. Read more here