• Zip-Zip-Horray

    Zip Zip Hooray!

    • Sophie
    • 11th May 2016
    Fancy flying through the trees this summer? Situated in the heart of the glorious Lake District... Read more about our Zip Trekking Adventure at Go Ape
  • Zip51

    Little-known Tips And Tricks For The Ultimate Zip Trek

    • Sophie
    • 12th August 2015
    Do you fancy flying through the forest from birds eye view? Then we've got the adventure for you! Find out more about our unique Grizedale zip trekking adventure...
  • Why Cumbria Is The Adventure Hub Of The UK!

    • Sophie
    • 7th July 2015
  • Go-Ape-Grizedale-Forest-Zip-Trekking-Adventure

    A Day In And Around The Lake District

    • Sophie
    • 6th February 2015
    Looking for a new way to live life adventurously? Find out about all the things you can do in a day at Grizedale Forest with your Tribe.
  • Zip51

    A Day Out In The Lake District

    • 3rd October 2014
    Go Ape Grizedale should be top of everyone's list but here is what we think would be great to do after your trek through the forest and into the trees.
  • Zip5 2

    Dalby - The Great

    • Sophie
    • 9th August 2014
    Dalby Forest perfectly represents Go Ape and this is why Kel, our marketing monkey, chose it as the 2015 photoshoot location. Find out what makes Dalby so great, here.
  • TreeTopAdventureLady 2

    A Day Out In Rivington Come Rain Or Shine

    • Sophie
    • 28th July 2014
    There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! Have a quick look at what there is to do in Rivington, come rain or shine.
  • Zips1

    Zip Trekking In The Press

    • Sophie
    • 28th July 2014
    Griezdale forest is home to our newest adventure! Zip Trekking has getting a lot of press activity recently, take a look at a snippet here.
  • Dalby-over-50

    Day Out In And Around North Yorkshire For Over 50s

    • Sophie
    • 17th July 2014
    There's no age limit on our courses because adventure is for everyone! A day out in North Yorkshire should be topped with Go Ape Dalby, but check out these top ideas to fill your day.