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Our Tree Top Juniors Get Arty!

  • Sophie
  • 28th April 2017

Nothing makes us smile here at Banana HQ quite like receiving some hand drawn photos from our Tree Top Juniors!

We wont talk to too much because as the saying goes 'a picture says a thousand words'

So without further ado heres some of the amazing pieces we receive ...


This little Tarzan was obviously having a fun filled day getting to experience both the Zip Wire and Segway's!


This little Baboon must have been listening to the safety briefing as they identified all the correct equipment in their drawing!


We appreciated the action shot in this one and of course the feedback!


This cheeky little Baboon found the course easy, they better come back and try the Tree Top Adventure next time then!


By this little ones note it seems like we have a dare devil in the making ...


Chelsea has set her sights to come back and try the 'adult' zip line next time and we couldn't be more encouraging - we are waiting for you Chelsea!


This drawing depicts the way you should tackle the zip wire, hands in the air with a smile on your face!


This young artist has heaps of potential as they have really captured the scene as you descend down our zip wire from the sky!


Charlie had fun on the zip wire which isn't a big shock to us at all!


It looks as if this little Tarzan is hugging a huge banana after their visit to Go Ape!

Another lovely drawing capturing multiple crossings!


Deimante has brought her adventure drawing to life with an injection of colour!

This little Baboon has a favourite crossing and we have to agree the noughts and crosses are one of our personal favourites!


Max, age 6, had a fun time and also depicted the noughts and crosses!


Again we are loving the colour in this one!


Mia who joined us from Norwich School found the trip both educational and hard work!


This young Tarzan found the course scary


This one thinks that they are now a monkey


This detailed drawing and review has left a smile on our faces!


The above two drawings were completed by the same little artist and they have included their whole family and friends in this colourful canvas

If one of your little Baboons has drawn Go Ape a picture then we would love to see it ...

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