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Tire Them Out With Fresh Air

  • 30th January 2017

Fresh air does us the world of good and we're not just saying that because we're purveyors of outdoor adventures!

Combined with nature, fresh air is like food for the soul. Spending time in the great outdoors boosts our physical health as well as our mental wellbeing, meaning we feel better on the inside and the outside!

You know what else fresh air is good for? Tiring out your kids! If your littluns have a seemingly limitless energy supply, a stint with Mother Nature is sure to settle them.

Well, we say that, but actually fresh air is likely to give your kids even more energy (if you thought that was possible). The science-y bit behind it is this: breathing in fresh air clears your lungs, allowing you to take deeper, longer breaths. That means more oxygen is delivered to the cells in the body, and more oxygen = more energy. It's as simple as that.

OK, so fresh air alone might not mellow out your offspring, but combine it with some exercise in the great outdoors and that should do the trick! If you're pondering ways to use up some of your kid's energy, we've got a suggestion: Go Ape!

Kids love nothing more than to climb trees, right?

So, you can expect to earn serious mum- or dad-points if you treat them to a Tree Top Junior adventure. Climbing up into the tree-tops, they'll get to enjoy a fun-filled hour of canopy exploring, trailblazing and obstacles.


The obstacles your little tyke will take on include everything from ladders and tunnels, to tightropes and bridges. It's a good thing our courses end with an awesome zip wire otherwise, you might find it hard convincing your little one to come down from the trees!

You're able to join your kid in the trees if you like, but bear in mind that the course is designed for little people, so the safety line won't be where you want it to be. If they're happy to monkey around solo, you can watch from the forest floor, just make sure you arrive armed with a camera, so you can take lots of snaps of them in action.

As further proof, when your monkey completes the course they'll receive a memento in the form of a Go Ape certificate, which will undoubtedly take pride of place on the kitchen fridge when you get home.

If you think your little monkey would love hanging out in the trees with us, why not book your Go Ape adventure today?

As an incentive, we're currently offering 20% off mid-week adventures in February, but you need to book before the 10th so go, go, go!

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