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Hairy Ups And Downs

  • Sophie
  • 10th July 2014

After some serious carbo-loading and an evening watching Brazil crash out of the WC...

Team Itchen Valley (plus a motley crew of hangers on) assembled at the cabin on a bright, sunny morning. Space hoppers were inflated, pictures snapped, practice laps undertaken, bananas eaten, toilets visited.... in fact everything was done to avoid actually leaving on this, the toughest leg of the Tour de Grande- Bretagne.

Our mission?

To hop a 10.5km relay to the Southampton Teenage Cancer Trust Unit without injury or tears. As lunchtime approached, and with no further excuses to be made, a large yellow banana did at last bounce its way out of the car park and we were off, buckets in hand, to raise more funds for Teenage Cancer Trust.

With much laughter, tooting of horns, sweat and jelly babies we hopped up hill and down dale, along roads, through parks, over bridges, even through the fruit section of Waitrose (again!) before the final steep muscle-cramping ascent to the hospital. Not even the demise of a number of space hoppers would stand in our way and, somewhere in the middle of a road junction, our troop of gorillas and bananas bounced into the world record books.

There were some extraordinarily impressive bouncing techniques on display but whether high, low, fast or slow, Team IV showed just how fun it is turning 'I can't' into 'I can' for a good cause.

Please support us in our journey for Teenage Cancer Trust at

Big Banana Ups Downs
Big Banana Ups Downs3
Big Banana Ups Downs4
Big Banana ups Downs5

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