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Our Tribe's Got Talent

  • Sophie
  • 10th May 2017

Ready for a challenge? Of course you are! This month, we're calling out to you, our talented tribesmen and tribeswomen!

We say, forget the Olympics. Give up on the Commonwealth Games. If you've got ninja-like reflexes and the balance of a ballerina, we've got just the competition for you.


Ever watch Britain's Got Talent and feel a burning desire to stand on that stage and show the panel and the world what you've got? Can you imagine showcasing your show-stopping skill to a screaming crowd, who rise to their feet shouting "more, more, more" and endlessly applaud the moment you stop?

While our competition won't be televised, it will help to give your talent the recognition it truly deserves!Our competition rewards the mastery of the miscellaneous skills. This is your opportunity to flaunt your party-trick prowess and, at the same time, be in with a chance of winning some awesome Go Ape goodies.

So, here's the deal:

Every week in May, our instructors will be demonstrating their dexterity and ingenuity by taking on a series of unique challenges. What do you have to do? Well, quite simply, you have to do it better.

You need to record your attempt at outshining our instructors, sharing your video on one of our social channels or emailing the footage to [email protected].

The Banana HQ tribe then have the fun job of watching all the vids and choosing the ones we like best. We'll reward any entry that makes us gasp in awe, or gives us a good ol' giggle.

Unfortunately, you've already missed out on our first challenge, which was to show to the world that you can peel a banana faster and/or funnier than anyone else...with your feet! Instructor Bob from Go Ape Bedgebury Forest set the bar with his digits, but you folks didn't disappoint either!

Here is Bedgebury Bobs attempt ...

This week, we're asking you to practice your 'om' and bid passers-by 'Namaste!' as you pull a tree yoga pose in the most adventurous place you can. We want you to think outside of the box for this one.

Ready, set, balance...

The challenges left for this month involve koala cuddles and even more bananas (what can we say, they're our fave fruit).

Here are some of our Tribes attempts so far ...

Challenge 2 Instructor 1
Challenge 2 Instructor 2

Challenge 2 Instructor 3
So, be sure to check the Go Ape website regularly to see what the next tasks are!

Good luck out there, primates!

Embrace the challenge, hit that record button and prove to the world that our tribe's got talent!

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