Butterflies In Wyre Forest

  • Sophie
  • 9th September 2014

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's just a kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering above your head at Wyre Forest.

Did you know: Wyre Forest in Worcestershire is home to the UK's largest collection of butterflies? In fact, half of the UK's butterfly and moth species can be found fluttering around the forest's fauna and flora.

And if you go down to the woods today you're sure to see an array of beautiful butterflies. Perhaps you'll spot the common Red Admiral, with velvety-black wings and bright red bands. Or, maybe you'll come across the striking Pearl-Bordered Fritillary, one of the fastest-declining species in the UK.

You may have sussed that the Go Ape tribe are extremely pro-conservation when it comes to our forests and everything in them.

The people at Wyre Forest also share our passion and have been extremely dedicated to protecting endangered butterfly species over the years. A past project called Back to Orange, which was led by the Butterfly Conservation and the Forestry Commission, resulted in a substantial increase in the number of Peal-Bordered Fritillaries - result!

If you're stopping off at Wyre Forest to do some butterfly-spotting, be sure to pack your camera.

Each variety of butterfly is uniquely marked be it spotted, stripy or speckled. You might want to print off a spotting sheet so you can identify all the different varieties. You could creep up on a couple of butterflies, or snap one sitting on a leaf. If you're lucky enough, one may even land on you - just don't scare them away by squealing with excitement.

Luckily for you, we've got a Go Ape located in Wyre Forest, so after a morning of butterfly-spotting on the ground, why not climb high-up in the tree tops for some panoramic views of the forest? Book in at Go Ape and you'll spend the afternoon tackling complicated crossings, scary high ropes and Tarzan swings with your tribe. Perfect.

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