Going Square-Eyed?

  • Sophie
  • 20th May 2016
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Nowadays, the average person spends more time staring into digital space than they do looking at the real world. That's quite worrying, isn't it?

Research from Silentnight reveals that we spend a whopping 8 hours 41 minutes staring at screens every day. That's a huge portion of the time we spend awake, not to mention 20 minutes longer than the average sleep.

Of course, most jobs require people to use their desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones every day. Many people would find it impossible to do their jobs without a digital companion. But what about all those times, outside of work, when we have a choice to stop and appreciate the real world - or have virtual chats, with virtual friends, in a virtual world?

Surely, no one wants their (real) life to whizz by because they're too pre-occupied with posting pictures on Instagram, tweeting their every move on Twitter or scrolling through strangers' newsfeeds on Facebook. Yet, it seems we are choosing digital over real-life: the same Silentnight survey found that people spend more time checking their emails (51%) in the mornings than they do eating breakfast (18%) or taking care of their appearance (32%).

Too much screen time has been proven to be bad for our health.

It's been linked to problems such as insomnia, obesity, anxiety and depression. These are all really serious issues, highlighting just how important it is to switch off from digital and spend more time appreciating the world around us.

If your tribe members spend a lot of time glued to their screens, it's important to encourage them to go screen-less during their breaks. So, rather than scoffing sarnies whilst simultaneously surfing the web at lunch, they spend time socialising with their colleagues, either in a breakout zone or even better - outdoors!


Every now and then, you should give your tribe a well-earned break from their screens by organising a team-building trip out of the office for the day.

If your tribe spend all week cooped-up inside, this is the perfect opportunity to get out there and embrace the great outdoors, particularly now that spring is in full swing and the weather's warming up.

If you're looking for a team-building activity like no other, then it's got to be Go Ape! We are the UK's top forest adventure, with 30 courses across the country. Visit us to disconnect from tech and reconnect with nature from the tree tops! Your tribe will climb, cross, crawl, jump, swing and wobble as they take on our notorious Tree Top Adventure, finishing on an awesome high as they whizz down a zip wire and into a soft pile of woodchip.

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