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We Love Our Forests

  • Sophie
  • 11th August 2014

Our sites are located in some of the UK's most valuable and beautiful habitats and we take our responsibility to care for these areas seriously.

When designing one of our Tree Top Adventures we work closely with specialists to make sure it has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Our courses are designed to ensure no damage to the living tree nothing is bolted into the trees, instead we use braces that grip the trunks and our platforms rest on these. These braces are loosened as the tree grows. We also inspect our trees annually to ensure their health.

Our courses are friendly to the animals that live in the area.
The wood peel (which is an otherwise waste product from timber processing) creates habitats for small creatures and the undersides of our platforms have provided the perfect shelter for nesting birds! In addition, we recycle as much as we can!

We use local goods and services for the production and maintenance of our courses; and for our Groups & Events packages we use local conference facilities and local caterers who source and use local produce.

You can rest assured that we care for our forests at Go Ape.

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