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Come Hang Out In Nets Kingdom!

  • Sophie
  • 26th July 2017

Tribespeople, we've some exciting news to share with you!

We have launched another, awesome Go Ape adventure. And just like our Tree Top Adventure and Tree Top Junior courses, and our Zip Trekking Adventure, it's set high up in the canopy! Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, monkeys and Tarzans, we introduce to you to our tree-mendous Nets Kingdom!

What is it?
It's exactly what it says on the tin: a kingdom of nets! It's a mammoth network of trampolines, giant ball nets, walkways and slides, set 30 feet up in the trees.

To be a little more specific, Nets Kingdom boasts:  

- 4 mammoth bounce nets (one filled with giant balls and one for little monkeys only)

- 7 canopy tree houses and 1 destination tree house

- 2 net slides transporting you back to the ground

- 3 entrance ramps and one huge 9 metre high net climbing tower

- 8 tree-to-tree net bridges

- 80 metre long treehouse adventure route


This super-fun, 2000 square metre adventure is suited to monkeys big and small, old and young! We encourage everyone to have a go, but if your mini Tarzans are feeling independent (or think it's uncool to hang with their parents), then you can always watch from the comfort of the forest floor.

And you can expect to pull some of the same moves as you would on one of our treetop obstacle courses. But instead of crawling through tunnels, you'll be crawling through nets. And instead of wobbling across bridges, you'll be wobbling across nets. And rather than whooshing through the air via zip wire, you'll be whizzing down a (you guessed it) net slide!

If you're a pro at clambering up, down and across nets on a TTA or TTJ course, then you must have a go at monkeying around in Nets Kingdom! This netted playground is encased in a hammock-like setting, so it's safe as treehouses. Nets Kingdom is exclusive to Go Ape Black Park course in Buckinghamshire.

So why not come down to our new adventure?

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