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Why We Want You To Discover Adventure?

  • Sophie
  • 29th April 2015

'Live Life Adventurously' has been our motto since day one.

Ever since Tris and Becs had the idea for Go Ape back in 2002, our vision has remained the same: to create adventure and encourage everyone to live their lives more adventurously.

You've got to practice what you preach, right? Well, it's fair to say that the Go Ape tribe live, eat and breathe adventure. We get a kick out of living life adventurously, but we get an even bigger kick out of helping YOU to live your life more adventurously. For many of you, this starts with experiencing one of our Tree Top Adventure courses.

Yes, there will always be one or two naysayers. The "I'm-not-the-adventurous-type" folk. But, to those people we say that 'an adventurous type' simply does not exist! Anyone and everyone can live life adventurously. Trust us.

Adventure doesn't need to involve traveling the world, climbing mountains or partaking in extreme sports. Adventure can be found in the everyday; it's about leaving that ever-restricting comfort zone of yours and trying something new.

Here are some of the reasons why we want you to discover adventure:

You'll learn things about yourself

Being adventurous will help to unearth all those previously undiscovered skills and talents of yours. You might learn that you've got a knack for climbing after taking on one of our tree-top obstacle courses, for instance; or, you may find that you're an excellent leader after guiding your tribe through the forest on board our Segways.

You'll surprise yourself

To be able to discover adventure, you need to believe in yourself. You need rid of that "can't do" mind-set and adopt the "can do" one instead!

Another motto we live by is 'zero risk equals zero development.' If you don't test and push yourself, you'll never know what you're capable of. However, discover adventure and you will be constantly surprised at what you are able to achieve. And this will help you to feel more confident in your own potential.

You'll feel great

Being adventurous is all about getting out there, meeting new people, visiting new places and trying new things. Adventure will enrich your life and help you to feel more fulfilled. And with that new 'can do' positive outlook on life, you're bound to feel great.

You'll inspire others

Our aim is to inspire others to live life adventurously. Once we've inspired you, hopefully you will go on to inspire others! Living adventurously is contagious; if people see you having a great time, they're going to want in on the action!

So, are you ready to discover adventure?

Or why not help inspire others to discover adventure? Submit your story and you could be in with a chance of winning an adventurous family holiday with Mark Warner. Find out more here.

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