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Celebrate Your Adventurous Side

  • Sophie
  • 27th February 2015

Each and every one of us has an adventurous side. And if you're sat there shaking your head, trust us you do have an adventurous side, you just haven't discovered it yet!

The dictionary definition of an adventure is an "exciting or unusual experience." Being adventurous means that you regularly involve yourself in exciting and unusual experiences you take risks, you enjoy trying new things, meeting new people and visiting new places. Being adventurous means living life to the full.

Of course, the Go Ape tribe are big on adventure. We thrive on it. Come discover why we're celebrating adventure this spring.

For us, nothing beats getting outdoors and trying something new. It's that pulse-pumping, 'oh my gosh, what am I doing?' kind of buzz you get from trying something for the first time. And once you develop that thirst for adventure, it'll never go away.

With the weekend coming up, here are some ways you can get up, get out and celebrate your adventurous side!

Hit the road

Being adventurous is all about being spontaneous. So, round-up a few friends, pack a picnic and embark on a random road trip. Don't plan, just drive! By not having a destination, you'll discover new and intriguing places to explore. Just don't forget to pack the sat nav for the journey home.

Make friends

Meeting new people will open the doors to plenty of new experiences and adventures. This weekend, make a conscious effort to talk to someone new. It may be the woman who sells you your morning paper, a neighbour, or someone at your yoga club. Many people feel nervous meeting new people for the first time but remember, even your closest friends were strangers once.

Embrace the present

"I'll learn a new language next year," "I'll start writing a blog next month," "I might try that new restaurant next week." Stop! You need to start living life in the present, which means replacing 'next year,' 'next month' and 'next week' with 'today'!

Scare yourself

This weekend, plan or do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. It doesn't need to involve extreme sports such as sky diving, bungee jumping or white water rafting; it can be something much simpler such as singing karaoke with a mate on Saturday night, watching a scary film, or finally asking that one person out for a drink.

Go Ape

Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning Go Ape. Celebrate your adventurous side by unleashing your inner Tarzan at one of our tree-top courses! It may your first time there, you may be looking to conquer your fear of heights, or meet some new people. Whatever your reason, a trip to Go Ape is a great way to celebrate your adventurous side!

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