• Go-Ape-Sunshine-Through-The-Trees

    Our Year So Far...

    • Sophie
    • 14th December 2015
    At Go Ape we fit a lot of adventure into our year! Have a look at some of our highlights so far... when we've been busy living our life adventurously...
  • Go-Ape-Bedgebury-Jonny-Cox

    Get Involved With World Environment Day!

    • Sophie
    • 5th June 2015
    World environment day is for everyone! Find out how you can get involved and make a difference to our environment today.
  • Zip

    The Story Of Go Ape

    • Sophie
    • 8th May 2015
    Ever wondered how the Go Ape adventure started? Everything you need to know about the Go Ape journey can be found in this blog!
  • National-Tree-Week-Go-Ape-Tree-Top-Junior_1

    It's National Tree Week! Head To A Forest Near You

    • Sophie
    • 4th December 2014
    We love our jobs. Not only are we adventurers but we are constantly surrounded by amazing scenery everyday. But it's unfair for us to have it all to ourselves, you're welcome to come and enjoy the scenery too.
  • ForestSegwayWood

    It's National Photography Day

    • Sophie
    • 18th August 2014
    If you fancy yourself an elite photographer or amateur snapper, make sure you get outside and start capturing the magical moments of you and your tribe today!
  • 3PeopleOnBridgeAndNet

    We Love Our Forests

    • Sophie
    • 11th August 2014
    We absolutely love the forest (obviously!) and because of that we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Find out more, here.
  • Gorilla5

    Craving A Gorilla

    • Sophie
    • 5th August 2014
    Get up close to our latest tribe member for the perfect selfie opportunity at Tilgate Park, Crawley. Find out more, here.
  • Rezised

    Natasha Kosak's Go Ape Exhibition

    • Sophie
    • 17th June 2014
    Natasha Kosak, a future designer, recently completed a project on little old us. Take a closer look here at what Natasha got up to.
  • Banff-film-festival

    Banff Film Festival

    • Sophie
    • 10th March 2014
    The Banff Film Festival is coming to the UK. Find out more about the world's most prestigious mountain film festival, here.