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Find Your Brave

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

It's Children's Mental Health Awareness week (3rd-9th February 2020) and the campaign this year is Find your Brave!

We feel passionately about this subject as we absolutely see the difference when children take that leap of faith and turn their 'I can't' into 'I can'. The power of getting outdoors is truly remarkable.

We fully believe in the power of finding your brave and it can be a really hard thing to do. You've got to take a deep breath and step out into the uncomfortable unknown, overcoming both physical and mental challenges. Plus, we don't get to choose the challenges that we face, and sometimes they're unexpected.

When we land on our feet, surrounded by our tribe cheering us on, that's when we really grow. It's then that we overcome, it's then that we know what it is to believe in ourselves, and that we are much more capable than we even knew. That's the moment when the fear starts to fall away and smiles start to re-emerge.

Bravery can be anything from sharing your worries, trying something new, to stepping off the plummet. No matter what it is finding your brave can really lead to some incredible moments.

child celebrating outdoors on a trip to Go Ape



Our Stories

We thought we would ask some of our own tribe about moments they overcame fear and found their brave when they were younger.

"When I was 16, I went on a "mission" trip to Burma/Myanmar to help assist in painting orphanages and teaching students English. I found my brave on this trip as the country is under military coup. We were taken everywhere by heavily armed escorts and it was not uncommon for the electricity to go out at strange times day and night so was fairly scary.

When I was younger, I didn't understand fully where we were going. Once we landed, I think all of us quickly understood that Burma wasn't like Australia. We were all a bit hesitant and nervous, especially with all the security we needed. We felt rather threatened on the streets as there was a lot of poverty and haggling going on. Once we returned to Australia, I remember feeling very grateful for what I had (housing, clothing etc) and that I was safe."

Marnie - Marketing

"In year 7 I went abseiling. It was part of a school trip for new starters to help everyone get to know each other. I remember standing on the ledge feeling terrified, thinking I couldn't do it. One of my classmates encouraged me to take the step of the ledge and without this person I wouldn't have enjoyed myself so much.

I still remember the fearless feeling I had once I reached the ground. I could do anything. If I could go back now, I would tell myself to take the leap and to never be afraid of trying something new, it can lead to the best experiences!"

Robyn - Events

"When I was 13, I visited Go Ape. The course had just opened in Thetford and I remember finding it very scary. I cried when I reached the stirrups section and remember thinking I wouldn't be able to complete the course. But I did and I still remember the feeling of achievement after returning back to the ground, I was confident, I could do anything!

To think I have now worked for Go Ape for 10 years and still enjoy the rush of confidence every time I complete a course! My advice for my younger self is to take the scary steps and believe in yourself - you are stronger than you think!"

Sam - Finance

"When I was in my 17, I had the opportunity to experience a zip line at Blackpool beach. I had never been the adventurous type, so this was my first ever experience of an 'extreme' activity. It wasn't something I had planned, but very spur of the moment. The zip line started at the end of the pier and down to the beach. Whilst it was daunting as it was my first experience of trust, it was super exhilarating. I loved the experience.

Looking back now, this was the start of my many adventures through the years. It was the moment when I realised, I could do anything. It opened me up to a level of fun I didn't think I could achieve. My advice for my younger self would be to take opportunities when you have them!"

Mat - IT 

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