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The summer holiday season upon us.

It is the perfect opportunity to get fit, tone up and have fun, whether it be on your own or with family or friends. If you're not a gym goer, why not make the most of the outdoors and try something completely different?

For most people, working 45 minutes plus in the gym is a chore, but not on a Go Ape course. We've conducted a health and fitness study to establish what muscle groups are used as well as the average amount of calories burnt whilst embarking on our Tree Top Adventure. Go Ape includes a variety of pleasurable yet challenging activities that include swinging through the forest on zip wires, crossing wooden walkways and bridges and climbing tree-top ladders whilst safely attached to a harness.

Based on an average of 100-120 minutes worth of 'Go Ape' time, excluding the safety training, the average amount of calories burned are:

Males - 660 calories (equivalent to a six-inch pepperoni pizza)

Females - 510 calories (equivalent to a bacon double-cheeseburger)


Rhomboids, Lower Trapezius, Rectus Abdominis, Obliques, Erector Spinae, Latissimus, Dorsi Gluteals and Quadriceps.


Upper Trapezius, Pectorals, Erector Spinae, Latissimus Dorsi, Hamstrings, Gastrocnemius and Soleus.

According to Charlie Coward, healthy lifestyles officer, Go Ape is "a fun and easy way to work towards your 5 x 30 minutes of physical activity per week!

Ben Boulter, a personal trainer, explains how to manage your weight with exercise through activities such as Go Ape:

"During exercise the body burns fat deposits made up of triglycerides, with health and fitness but more specifically weight loss, sustainability is the key. The breakdown of fat occurs when the heart and muscles work to certain intensity, and that level is sustained."

Listen to the experts and book your next work out at Go Ape - we can't wait to see you.