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What constitutes an 'extreme' Go Ape obstacle?

They're all a test of the nerves, so some may argue that they're all extreme!

Those people are right. Our Tree Top Adventure courses aren't easy! They're challenging, both mentally and physically, and require a lot of stamina, willpower and courage to complete. Adrenaline will be rushing through your body as you clamber up the first rope ladder and when you reach the top, you might wonder, "Can I actually do this?!

But then, a couple of obstacles down you'll start to get into the swing of things (quite literally). When your Go Ape adventure comes to an end as you whizz down the final zip, we guarantee that you'll be thinking to yourself, "When can I do that again?!

If you've monkeyed around in the trees with us before, you'll probably have a good idea of which obstacles you enjoy, and which ones really test your nerves. You might be scared of the Stirrups but adore crossing Chantemerle's Bridge; or you might be terrified of the Twister but love leaping off the Tarzan Swing platform and into a giant cargo net!

While it's true that all our obstacles are challenging, there are certain ones which really do trump the rest when it comes to extreme-ness. We're talking about obstacles that go bigger, higher and longer than all the others!

We dare you to come and visit Go Ape and take-on our most extreme obstacles. We've handpicked a small few to get you started the question is: are you brave enough?!


Q. What's better than a Tarzan Swing?

A. A double Tarzan Swing! Perhaps it might help put your mind at ease, knowing you'll be leaping off the platform with a buddy in tow if you pay a visit to Go Ape in Swinley Forest, Bracknell . If you do the double Tarzan Swing, it's only right you challenge your chum to see who can do the best Tarzan holler!


Cannock Chase is home to the longest Go Ape obstacle course, which spans 1,465 metres across five different sections. Cannock Chase is an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the top of the trees is the perfect place to soak in the magnificent scenery.

Go-Ape-Cannock-ChaseWENDOVER WOODS

The Go Ape course at Wendover Woods is extreme in its entirety. The aptly-named 'Extreme' route includes some of our most-challenging crossings, some of which are enough to make the bravest of gorillas shake in their shoes. And before you even reach those crossings, you've got to take-on a scrambling net and climbing wall. Think you've got what it takes?


Whether you've been to one of our 28 Go Ape courses across the UK or thinking of swinging by soon, we've got a treat for you! To help you perfect your Go Ape style we've created a mini series of 'How to...' videos to show you how to tackle the tree-tops like a pro.