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Top 10 Adventure Quotes

Today is as good a day as any to get out there and live life adventurously! If you're struggling to see the sun through the clouds - both literally and metaphorically - you can always rely on a good quote to re-ignite your adventurous streak! Here's a pick of some of our faves:

We're not fans of comfort zones. In fact, we'd go as far as saying we're completely and utterly anti-comfort zones. Why? Well, because they're both boring and extremely restrictive. It's only when we break out of our comfort zones that we find confidence to try new things, test our physical and mental limits and become adventurous!

Here at Go Apes we are huge believers in the fact that the unknown isn't something to be scared of! The moment we start embracing and exploring the unknown is the moment we become adventurous. 

A simple quote, yes, but it couldn't be more true. Adventure awaits you, so get out there and find it!

Many people will agree that memories are far more precious than material objects. And that's what adventure is all about: making memories that'll last a lifetime!

If we spend too much time focusing on the end goal, we don't fully appreciate all those magical moments that happen along the way. Adventure is not the destination; it's the journey you go on to get there!

We couldn't agree more. You will never hear someone saying, "I wish I hadn't gone travelling or "I wish I hadn't gone on that adventure." You won't regret trying something new; you'll regret not trying.