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Leeds Castle


Near Maidstone

Enjoy a 250m Long Zip Wire with Great Views of the North Downs.

If you’re looking for things to do near Maidstone, you won’t leave our outdoor adventure at Leeds Castle disappointed. Enjoy one of the best days out in Kent with breathtaking views of the beautiful area surrounding Leeds Castle (near Maidstone), and obstacles that will get the hairs on the back of neck bristling.

The classic and original Go Ape Tree Top Adventure. We’ll brief you for safety before you fly down our zip-wires, leap off our Tarzan Swing and tackle our crossings whilst enjoying some of Britain’s most breathtaking scenery. With zip wires and high ropes 12 metres above the forest floor and 250 metres in length, experience an adventure experience never to be forgotten.

And Leeds Castle is also home to our Tree Top Junior Adventure for Junior Tarzans. Up to an hour of exploring the tree tops for all (6 – 12 years) to enjoy.

Just a couple of minutes from the motorway, Leeds Castle, “the loveliest castle in the world“, is enough of a reason for a day out. With peacocks roaming and sheep wandering, you really will feel like you’ve got away from it all!

Please allow a little extra time to get to us – roads are busier than usual from Dover to junction 8.

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For full details on dates and times simply 'check availability' and you'll see when Leeds Castle is open.

Below is a snapshot of when our forest doors open.

We're open from February to November, but we close our forest doors during December and January ( gets a little chilly and we like to maintain our adventures so they're all ready to go next year).

Open February Half Term (17th February - 21st February)

Weekends in March.

Open Daily Easter, Half Term and Summer Holidays.

Term Time (closed Tuesday).

Open Daily October Half Term (27th October - 31st October).

Open November Weekends.

If you have booked Go Ape between 8:30am and 9:30am please wait at the main entrance & a member of staff will let you in as gates do not open until 10am.

Course stats

Here are our Tree Top Adventure stats for Go Ape Leeds Castle.

  • Number of sections 5
  • Longest Zip Wire 250 metres
  • Longest Crossing 25 metres
  • Total Length 775 metres
  • Number of Crossings 38
  • Highest Point 12 metres


The team at Leeds Castle

The Address

Go Ape Leeds Castle
ME17 (Please follow the directions below and not the postcode to Leeds Castle as this will take you to the wrong entrance.)

You can select longitude/Latitude for accurate Sat-Nav directions: Type in our co-ordinates:  51.25583860,  0.62047000

Get directions

By car

Follow the brown signs to Leeds Castle from J8 of the M20. There are several entrances to the castle grounds. Go Ape customers should come in through the main gates on Penfold Hill on the B2163 rather than using the Broomfield Entrance. Just come through the main entrance, park in the gardens and you'll see us.

Please follow these directions and not the postcode to Leeds Castle as this will take you to the wrong entrance.

If you have booked Go Ape between 8:30am and 9:30am please wait at the main entrance & a member of staff will let you in as gates do not open until 10am.

Due to the rural nature of our locations, postcodes are not always accurate when using satellite navigation. Please always check the route it has given you before setting off, and cross reference with a map.

By train

Hollingborne station (...about a 25 minute walk). Exit the station on to Eyhorne street and continue to the A20 Ashford Road. Go left at the first roundabout and right at the second and follow the brown signs to the main entrance on Penfold Hill. Walk through the car park to the top right where the black cabin is.
Bearsted station. At the station catch the shuttle bus to Leeds castle. We advise that you check times of the shuttle and/or pre-book to ensure you arrive on time.

By bus

A service operates from London Victoria Coach Station, stopping at various pickup points in South London, before arriving. Visit National Express for more information.

Local Area

Some nearby places which may be of interest:

While you're here why don't you make a day of it.

There's obviously Leeds Castle itself.  Just so you know, dogs are not permitted in the castle grounds, just the car park.

If you have booked Go Ape between 8:30am and 9:30am please wait at the main entrance & a member of staff will let you in as gates do not open until 10am.

With 500 acres of parkland why not take a stroll and appreciate the beautiful scenery?

Staying Over

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Feedback from Leeds Castle

Take a look at what some of our tribe have said about their time in the forest. It’s always good to hear it straight from the Gorilla’s mouth (…and we’re proud to say it’s totally unedited!) And why not have a peek at what people are saying about us on Trip Advisor.

Rated 4 Bananas Elaine - Tree Top Adventure, on 28 August 2015
2.5 hours of great outdoor fun for the family
Rated 5 Bananas Joanne - Tree Top Adventure, on 28 August 2015
My favourite bit was the zip wire.On my most recent visit to go Ape the only thing which was annoying, was there was a woman with 2 young boys infront of myself and son the whole time. The two boys just barely reached the wires when moving to each tree top, she let the two boys take their turn first but it took them ages to attach and move to each tree top. There was a queue of people that grew throughout the course as we were all waiting for these two boys to move. We asked in we could go infront of her but she refused. Everyone waiting was getting really fed up as of the long time they were taking. Something needs to be done to improve this kind of issue.
Rated 5 Bananas Siddiga - Tree Top Adventure, on 27 August 2015
Came with my 6 year old nephew who really enjoyed the first part of the junior course and the zip wires. However the second part of the course was too challenging for him and we really struggled to get round. Although staff were very helpful towards the end and came to rescue him (apparently it happens all the time) I was a little annoyed as after he did the second element on this course and looked unsure I asked a memeber of staff on the ground if the course got more challenging and was told that the rest was easier and that was the hardest part. That was NOT the case. Had she explained that it got more challenging we could have turned around as there was no one behind us at that point and we were near the start of the course. I therefore ended up with a distraught child and with no way to get off the course. Not much fun. It was of course my judgement to go on the second part of the course but I did ask the instructors how much more challenging it was and I was told that it was a similar level to the first part but with no wire to act as a handrail. They also said as he had no problems with the first part of the course and didn't require my assistance that he would be fine. The second course is a lot more difficult and I think this should be made clear so you can make an informed decision as to whether to attempt it with a young child. That being said, Go Ape is a fantastic day out and I would recommend it, just be aware of the big step up in difficulty before deciding if it is for your child.
Rated 5 Bananas Olwen - Tree Top Junior, on 27 August 2015
I booked Go Ape for late August expecting glorious blue sun-filled skies......but instead the weather was apocalyptic on the morning of the booking with gusting winds and torrential showers.The booking had been made for 11.15 and early in the morning I checked the website to check under what conditions the booking might be cancelled by Go Ape and it stated "The course remains open in all weathers, except when it is icy, stormy, in high winds or during lightning. Rain makes the course muddier than usual – which all adds to the fun! Don’t forget to dress for the weather."I therefore phoned Go Ape central bookings to clarify if the booking would go ahead. Unfortunately I did not find the bookings staff terribly helpful - the only advice they could give me was that staff would make their decision upon arrival at the site at 10am and that I'd be phoned after 10am if Go Ape was shut. This wasn't terribly helpful to me as I would be enroute by then. I think your customers might feel more reassured if they got a text as early in the morning as possible to say whether Go Ape was open or shut.In any event the course was open and I must say that upon arrival the staff were friendly and relaxed and put me and my party of excited 8 year olds at our ease.Jazz gave us our safety briefing - she did the job well - my only criticism of her was that she was a little austere with the kids. They excitedly asked her about the course and she told them to listen to her briefing - she also did this with the next set of children after us.One of the children in our party was a little insecure on the course and there was a chap who advised her from the ground and he had a lovely rapport with the kids - unfortunately I didn't get his name. I know the other chap manning the zip wire was called Dan.Despite the weather we all had a thoroughly good time and I'd certainly consider booking again.
Rated 5 Bananas Melanie - Tree Top Adventure, on 26 August 2015
Although I haven't participated in a Go Ape experience, 5 of my grandchildren, aged between 11 and 19, all thoroughly enjoy this treat when they are with me during their holidays. I am impressed with the safety element, and feel confident to leave them to enjoy their tree top adventures. I was more anxious when they began at Go Ape on the Junior course, and would stay with them the whole time. They love the tree top adventure, particularly the long zip wire, and are challenged by it, even when it is pouring with rain. Someone's mad!!
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