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iRobot's Team Building Day

  • Sophie
  • 1st November 2016

The team building plan

When - Tuesday 13th September 2016

Where - Swinley Forest, Bracknell

What was included - A bacon & fruit brunch upon arrival, before, a busy day of Tree Top Adventure, Forest Biking and Forest Segways, followed by a BBQ for dinner with a dedicated host to organise the timings for the day.

iRobot's banana rating of their day

We asked iRobot, what they were hoping to get out of the day, they told us it was to "boost team performance". We asked them (out of 10) how well they think we achieved this. They gave us 9 out of 10.

We then asked them to rate every other aspect of the journey (out of 5):

Booking Process - 4 bananas

Quality Of Safety Brief - 5 bananas

Customer Service - 4 bananas

Value For Money - 5 bananas

Course Experience - 5 bananas

Welcome Upon Arrival - 4 bananas

Total bananas in our bunch - 36 out of 40 bananas

Unedited feedback from iRobot:

"We had an awesome time, the treetop was fantastic, the highlight of the day. I've received many e-mails congratulating the day. The mountain biking and segway was thoroughly enjoyed also. The segway was a brilliant choice on such a warm day, everyone really enjoyed it - although it was a little stop-starting during the hour, perhaps the group should have been broken down into a couple of groups. The catering lady was fantastic, the food was really tasty and just what we needed after a tough morning in the treetops. Great choice."

Can you see your tribe swinging through the trees? Perhaps it's time to find out. Request a quote today for a team-building day with a difference.

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