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Elevate Your Corporate Team Day

Last updated: 05/12/2023 

The Surprising Benefits of Go Ape Team building Days


In the fast-paced world of corporate culture, finding unique and impactful ways to develop your team dynamics is more crucial than ever.

Go Ape offers a thrilling and unconventional solution perfect for your tribe, a Team Building Day. Read on to discover the unexpected benefits of taking your team out of the boardroom and into the forest.

1. Team Building Reinvented

Let’s face it, traditional team-building exercises can often feel stale and forced! Go Ape's Corporate Away Days breathe new life into team-building adventures by immersing your tribe in exciting, challenging, and collaborative outdoor activities.

From conquering zip lines together to navigating tricky crossings, every challenge faced can strengthen the bond among your team in a unique and memorable way.

2. Boosting Communication Skills

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful team. Go Ape's adventures require constant communication and co-ordination, fostering an environment where team members must rely on each other for support and guidance. This not only enhances communication skills but also encourages an open dialogue and trust among employees.

3. Cultivating Leadership Qualities

Go Ape’s Treetop Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to discover and identify natural leaders.

Whether it's guiding a colleague through a tricky crossing or offering encouragement at the top of a zip line, team members have the chance to showcase and develop their leadership skills in a non-traditional setting.

Man posing in blue shirt on Treetop Challenge with team mate

4. Overcoming Challenges Together

The sense of accomplishment from overcoming challenges as a team is unparalleled. Go Ape adventures certainly offer this opportunity but so do our Ground Based Games. Our giant outdoor board game, Baboonzled, is designed to encourage teamwork and communication through a mix of physical and mental challenges.

Bring the whole tribe together and compete against each other to get their blood pumping and mind racing. Successfully navigating these challenges builds a collective sense of achievement that can be carried back to the workplace.

Group of team mates during a Go Ape team building activity

5. Stress Reduction in Nature

Amidst the lush greenery and fresh air, Go Ape provides a unique escape from the stresses of the office. According to the mental-health charity, Mind spending time in nature can reduce stress levels and boost your overall well-being.

Go Ape Corporate Team Days offer a refreshing change of scenery, allowing team members to recharge and return to work with a renewed sense of energy.

6. Unleashing Creativity

The outdoor setting of Go Ape inspires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Away from the confines of the office, team members often find themselves more open to fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

Who knows, an inspiring idea may occur as you’re winding your way along a wooded pathway on Forest Segways - or aiming for that bullseye during your awesome Axe Throwing experience! These newfound creative ideas can be harnessed and applied to real-world workplace challenges.

Group of adults on Go Ape Forest Segways experience

7. Creating Lasting Memories

We’re happy to report that so many corporate groups share the value of their Go Ape Team Days with us after their visit! Their experiences often become lasting memories that contribute to a positive team culture. These memories foster a sense of camaraderie, creating inside jokes and shared stories that continue to bond them long after their Go Ape adventure has ended.

"We really had the best day, worked as a team and overcame our fears. we would Highly Recommend the Corporate Team Day to everyone."

- Hoarea Lea

Go Ape's Corporate Away Days transcend the conventional team-building experience, offering a dynamic and impactful way to strengthen your tribe's bonds.

Now’s the time to elevate your team's spirit, encourage collaboration, and embark on a adventure that will be talked about for years to come. Unleash the potential of your team with a Go Ape Team Day!

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Group of people on Go Ape team building adventure