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Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

In order to achieve the successful enterprise every business owner dreams of, you need more than just skillful team members.

Of course, talented workers are a must, but it's how your team functions as a cohesive whole that matters most. How is this achieved? Well, it's not by happy chance - that's for sure. It takes team building.

Team work and productivity go hand in hand. Stronger connections form when workers are out of the office. Get them away from their predictable day-to-day routines and allow them to organically bond and develop a solid understanding of one another's capabilities and strengths. They will be happy, and when you see how it positively affects their work, you'll be happy too. Here are just 6, of the benefits you'll see from team building excursions:


When a group comes together, it naturally results in increased participation, meaning more ideas flow. Unleash this shared brainpower by taking them to a more relaxed environment.


Take workers out of the office and you may be surprised to see particular members step up to the mark. When given the opportunity, certain individuals can really come out of their shell. Other skills can come to the fore, too, such as good planning, delegating and organising.


It's a given - when you're out and about partaking in activities, you're likely to help and motivate each other. Motivation is infectious and these traits can be applied when your workers get back to the office, too. Team building motivates employees to achieve the objectives and goals of the business, while supporting individual goals at the same time.


Team building puts everyone in a trusting and agreeing mood - sparking elements of confidence, creativity and energy. A day out with the team builds and establishes a strong sense of understanding and trust.


Taking your team for a day of activities will undoubtedly spark conversations. It breaks down any political barriers or boundaries between staff, allowing your employees to get to know each other better on a personal level. This will boost morale, which they'll then be able to take back to the office, creating an environment where your team will be able to work through situations in an amicable fashion.


Taking your team out for the day is also seen as a sign of reward and recognition. Who doesn't like to feel appreciated? Team building activities will show staff that you want to invest in their success. Employees who feel appreciated by having a fun day out are much more likely to feel motivated, work harder and remain loyal when they get back to the office.

If all of this isn't enough to get you out of the office, then perhaps a secret 7th benefit will sway you... FUN! Not only will a team day out bring your Tribe closer together, but most importantly you'll all have a lot of fun and create lasting, memories in the process., Don't forget, the workforce that plays together, stays together!

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