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5 Reasons Why Adventurous Colleagues Make For A Better Team!

  • Sophie
  • 3rd July 2017

As a workforce, we can generally appreciate the benefits that come from having a range of personalities in your team.

There are leaders that get people motivated, entertainers that maintain morale, and the compassionate defenders who are always looking after their pals. But what about the adventurers? Here are five reasons why having adventurous teammates makes for a better workforce.

1. They're more receptive to new ideas


Not many people wake up one morning and think: "I'll climb a mountain this year". Taking on a big adventure comes after years of saying "yes" to opportunities others would decline. It's the spirit of optimism, and an ability to see the bigger picture.

2. They're willing to take risks

In today's current business climate, it's riskier to not take risks than it is to play it safe. Adventurous people understand the importance of taking carefully calculated risks. Playing it safe can only ever yield results for so long - comfort zones are great places, but nothing ever grows there.

3. They're there for each other

People who undertake adventures rarely ever go solo - everyone knows that adventure is best when shared. Working together to overcome obstacles, adventure-goers tend to be supportive, proactive problem-solvers.

4. They know how to focus on the positives


Behind every smiley Instagram photo on the top of a hill, in the barrel of a boat, or at the entrance of a tent, lies aching muscles, soaking trousers, and a damp rucksack. As Bear Grylls says, the key to overcoming any form of adversity is positivity, positivity, positivity.

5. They're goal-oriented, determined, and committed to developing themselves

It goes without saying, really, but pushing yourself beyond your normal limits, into situations that you might find initially uncomfortable takes hard work, persistence and courage. Adventurous people always have their eyes on the prize, and are determined to overcome any challenges they might face.

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