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Feel 50 Feet Tall!

It’s that moment when you leap off the platform, even though everything’s telling you not to. When you feel the thrill of conquering your fears. When you go from feeling on edge, to the edge of awesome…

That’s a 50 Feet Tall moment. Our tribe of adventurers (including 106 year old Jack!) share their moments right here…

Get the Feeling!

Taking on a treetop challenge means balancing on tightropes, crawling through bridges, climbing up ladders and clambering across nets. It’s a workout, but we love it! There’s nothing like meeting all those challenges head-on, then sitting back on the zip wire, arms wide, and embracing that wind-in-your-face feeling. You’ll come away feeling 50 feet tall – not to mention 50 feet proud, 50 feet happy and 50 feet want-to-do-it-all-again!

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Still Zippy At 106

Every year, 106 year old Jack does something amazing for a charity of his choice. And because, like us, Jack believes in pushing life to its limits, this year he took on the challenge of being the world’s oldest person to go on a zip wire. We’re in awe. Just take a look at the film and you’ll see that there’s no age limit to feeling 50 feet tall!

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Whether it’s challenging yourself on our canopy high crossings or flying through the treetops, your am-I-really-doing-this moment is right here waiting. So come on, why not push life to its limits? Check out our 36 locations across the UK and experience feeling 50 feet tall for yourself.

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