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Eco-Tips for the Christmas Leftovers - Part 2

Go Ape is all about living life adventurously, but we also care a great deal about the planet that we’re adventuring on. In this after Christmas period we’ve been sharing ideas about how we can all live a little greener. If you missed part one of this blog all about eco-tips for your Christmas leftovers and wrapping paper then check it out here. Read on for part two where the focus shifts to Christmas trees and sales shopping.


In the UK we buy around 8 million real and 2 million artificial Christmas trees each year! It won’t be long before you won’t want it in your living room anymore, so what’s the best thing to do with it?

Well, if you have an artificial tree then put it back in the box and save it for next year. Modern artificial Christmas trees are made from 100% recycled plastic so if you are going to get rid of them please make sure it gets recycled again.

What about real trees? Check to see if your local council has a recycling service. They’ll shred it into mulch and use it to fertilise the open spaces that they manage. Some garden centres offer this service too and let you keep the mulch for your own garden, either way remember to remove all of the decorations first.

Fun for the Kids

An alternative to having your Christmas tree shredded professionally is to do it yourself. The pines can go into the compost. Gardeners will tell you that the small branches are great for training sapling plants, but we also reckon it’d be fun to build a fort with them and play toy soldiers! Then you are left with the log which can be cut into sections and used to build a bug hotel, who knows what little critters you might attract into your garden!



Boxing Day and New Year Sales

According to The Sun newspaper we spent an average of £8.8million a minute on Boxing Day shopping. That’s even more than Black Friday!

Many of us just can’t resist clothes shopping at this time of year. If you’ve just bought or have been given a brand-new wardrobe, then please remember to recycle your old one. Many supermarkets and recycling centres have clothes bins, and if you’re of an outdoor persuasion like us then check out the Alpkit Continuum Project that will give your outdoor kit a second life.

Fun for the Kids

Turn old socks, or even new ones that you don’t want, into a funky sock monkey. All of the inspiration and a how to guide can be found on Craft Passion.

Eco-Tips for the Christmas Leftovers Part 1

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