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Reunite your work tribe

We’ve spent lockdown communicating on video calls, hosting meetings from our dining rooms and whilst we have benefitted from a much shorter commute most of us can admit to missing the office banter and face to face interaction that working alongside our colleagues will bring.

With many of us returning back to the office, now is the time to reunite your tribe for an all needed team day. Colleagues can get together in a safe outdoor environment bond over their lockdown DIY achievements, laugh at who gets the most woodchip in their pants and go home feeling like once again they are part of something great.

At Go Ape we offer a range of options for corporate groups big and small so whatever your needs as a team we will be able to design a Team Day or activity to suit your objectives and budget.

Here are 5 reasons to choose Go Ape for your next team day….

1.Team Work

There’s no better place to bond than the canopy high crossings on our Treetop Challenge course. You may even be surprised what you find out about each other. Within a few minutes lockdown will be a distant memory and your team will leave feeling energised and refreshed.

2. Productivity

Change is good for the mind, especially with modern technology and multitasking – we can all get incredibly overwhelmed! Swap the daily walk for a Forest Segway team adventure and blow away the cobwebs as you cruise through the forest on our all-terrain electric Segways. Having a break from the ‘new normal’ can increase productivity and overall mood of employees.

Two women on a Go Ape treetop course
A man in blue and awoman in pink riding Segways

3. Growth Mindset

Our treetop high wires will naturally push people out of their comfort zone. Your team will have to work together to help each other conquer their fears and take the leap. When they do this they will not only have a huge sense of achievement but we know that pushing our limits helps build confidence and resilience. This in turn allows for a more positive outlook where a growth mindset can be built upon.

4. Stress Reliever

The positivity of taking part in outdoor activities can generate fresh ideas and lift employee spirits, just like a natural stress reliever. Leave your work stresses at the forest doors and come to Go Ape to re-charge your batteries. You will leave with a re-energised team who feel inspired and motivated.

5. Fresh Air & Better Sleep

The forests are full of fresh air. Outdoors exercise is naturally tiring and spending time on a Go Ape adventure, swinging through the trees could be all you need to catch that 8 hours of sleep at the end of the day!

Go Ape team days are socially distanced and we have introduced new measures to ensure that you can still enjoy your adventure whilst being reassured that your team stay healthy.

Browse our many Go Ape Adventures and give your tribe an exciting excuse to get outdoors. Why not get in touch with our team today to find out more.

A groups of work colleagues with their Go Ape certificates by an ape statue
A man with a BBQ and a group of people sitting at a picnic bench