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The Plummet at Go Ape Coventry

Have you ever had a moment where you’ve nearly fallen from height? Perhaps doing some DIY, cleaning the gutters, or daring to go a little too close to a steep drop. If so, you’ll know that feeling of your heartrate doubling in a fraction of a second, the blend of everything happening in slow motion and simultaneously at 100mph. That sense of relief when you realise you’ve caught yourself and then the realisation of the consequences should you have fallen as your heart continues to beat loudly within your chest. It’s not really a feeling that you want reminding of, so why on Earth would you pay to experience that again? Well at Go Ape Coventry you can do just that by adding The Plummet to your Treetop Challenge for just £5 or take on just The Plummet itself for £10.

Harnessed up and ready to go you’ll be taken to the edge of a platform amongst the treetops. Take a deep breath and then step off into 12 metres of fresh air. For a second or two you experience that heart in mouth moment before the safety system catches you and slowly reins in your fall until you land like a butterfly with sore feet. But who and why?

Read on to discover just three of the types of people that take on The Plummet!

A man in blue on a Go Ape Plummet

The Thrill Seeker

Having said that feeling of falling is not one that most want reminding of, that’s not the case for everyone. The increase in heartrate and sensation of time moving differently is all due to the body’s sudden release of adrenaline, and for some people that’s a rush that they go hunting for. Taking effect in just seconds, adrenaline is a hormone that decreases the body’s ability to feel pain, temporarily increases strength and helps you to think clearly and quickly. Essentially is makes you feel like a superhero and for some it’s a euphoric feeling that they go looking for again and again. That’s what leads them to The Plummet; the momentary freefall as you depart from the tree-high platform triggers the adrenaline rush and in most cases whoops of joy as they safely land back on the ground.

The Conquerer

In the early 1920s Everest explorer George Mallory made three attempts to scale the world’s highest mountain. Over 30 years before it was finally conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sharpa Tenzing Norgay, Mallory would eventually lose his life on his quest to reach the summit in 1924. Last spotted with his climbing partner Sandy Irvine less than 300 metres from the top, we’ll likely never know if the two of them made it to the top before succumbing to the mountain. In an interview with the New York Times Mallory famously responded with “because it’s there” when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. That’s the same attitude that bring some to take on The Plummet, simply because someone created this adventurous challenge that means that they want to conquer it. We love meeting those people on a mission to grab life with both hands and experience everything it has to offer. They hear the call of adventure and take on The Plummet with great eagerness and determination, their passion for life clearly visible to everyone as they take the plunge!

The Overcomer

At Go Ape we’re familiar with helping people overcome their fear of heights. You may or may not think that our courses look high from they ground, but they certainly feel it when your up in the trees. Frequently we have the opportunity to offer words of encourage as nervous adventurers take on their fear in an effort to overcome it. The encouragement might come from us, but the determination, willpower and achievement all belong to the individual. Whether or not they've already completed our Challenge course, The Plummet is the opportunity that many are looking for to put their nerve to the test and overcome their anxiety. Afterall, in the words of Free Solo climber Alex Honnald, "the only way to truly overcome your fear is to broaden your comfort zone."