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Gift Experiences for her

If you’re looking for a unique experience to inspire that lovely lady in your life you’ve come to the right place. Ever wanted to watch your girlfriend, sister, wife, or mum jump off a high platform? Maybe seeing grandma on a zip wire will make for some priceless memories? Seize your chance and gift her an unforgettable day out in the trees. There'll be shrieks of laughter, tears of joy and woodchip pants guaranteed.

Prices: £10


If it just so happens that she is an avid outdoorswoman, we can help you get her next adventure sorted in one seriously neat package that allows her to pick exactly which activity she’d like to do. If she’s the adventurous type – test her balance and nerve with a Tree Top Challenge experience. High up in the canopy, our tree top obstacles will get her blood pumping and guarantee shrieks of laughter. Life’s an adventure, after all, and she hasn’t lived it to the full until she’s swung through the trees on a vine.

We like to give people the opportunity to break out of the claustrophobic confines of sensible Britain, and have fun. A lot of fun. So, don’t shut Jane back in her box – set her free, and gift her the chance to live life more adventurously.

Will It Be Right For Her?

Even if she’s an aspiring adventurer or outdoors newbie, spice things up this time around with activity gifts for her that challenge the usual suspects of pamper days and spa breaks.

We like to think that adventure gifts for her also have their fair share of positive effects. Possibly the greatest of all is the opportunity to let her de-stress, leaving all the troubles of everyday life at the door. Looking for a new way to help let her hair down? You may have just found it. These are gift experiences for her that provide long-lasting happy memories and a woman that will feel energised and refreshed.

A Go Ape experience gift for her makes for time well spent, whether for your goofy sister, super hero Mum or BFF. If she truly needs a giggle and to let her hair down then look no further - our high-speed zips and tree top obstacles will take care of that. It’s an opportunity to have some serious fun.

If she’s a true lover of anything outdoors then she’s probably acquired quite a collection of durable clothing, gadgets and accessories. So, it only seems right that your next gift should allow her to embark on an adventure while using some of her favourite outdoor gear. Remind her to take an action camera or smart phone. She’ll capture some brilliant footage that will last a lifetime!


Our forest locations are a great hang out – literally. The gift of adventure could be used for a long overdue catch up with a friend. Alternatively it could be used for shared family time or a celebration with a twist.

From just £10, our adventurous gift vouchers are her ticket to adventure. Give her the chance to swing, slide and soar. To push further, laugh harder and conquer those shaky legs. Go on. She'll love you for it.

Alternatively, you can pull out all the stops. Whisk her away on a stunning short break with an adventurous theme. Our stunning locations often become the cherry on the top for visitors to the area, combining a scenic break with an epic outdoor experience with Go Ape. Load up a gift voucher and begin planning her treat for an awesome weekend away. We’ll leave it up to you on whether to keep it as a surprise…

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