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Nets Adventure

Nets Adventure is a wonderworld of treetop nets, trampolines and much more. This is treetop heaven for children (and adults) with four huge bounce nets (one filled with giant balls and one just for kids), seven canopy tree houses and one destination tree house.

Prices from: £10

Adventure Overview

  • Maximum Weight

    20.5 stone (130kg)

  • Minimum Age

    1 year old

practical information

  • I took 4 children this week to Nets Kingdom at Go Ape. They thoroughly enjoyed it. Safe enclosures, brief safety briefing and 4 very tired kids! Thank you

    Sara Hillyard

  • We went with 11 kids to the Halloween Nets at Night. It was very atmospheric and the children, aged nine to thirteen, had a great time running, climbing, sliding and playing games on the high nets and with the balls and chutes. There was a cafe for the adults to get hot drinks.

    Siobhan Newman

  • The Halloween Experience at Nets Kingdom- sensationally, scarily brilliant! Please do it next year!


  • My grandson, a very active 9 year old, didn't stop from the moment we entered the nets kingdom. He has previously completed the Junior Tree Top course which was excellent as well.

    Myles Edwards

  • Facilities are great and children had lots of fun despite of the wet weather. The staff in Black Park when we went were a bit unenthusiastic and slightly unfriendly...maybe they just don't like children. Having said that, I would recommend it and take my children again.


  • Children had a brilliant time , the weather was a big help too, however it was quite an expensive afternoon considering that you need to pay for parking etc...