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Sailing To Adventure

  • Sophie
  • 10th October 2016

They come from different parts of the country, and from different backgrounds, but all our staff share one common trait - they can't stop dreaming about their next adventure.

And that's where our Adventure Fund comes in. There's just one catch... adventures must be naturally powered.

One our our tribe, Joshua Duncan, took to the seas for an exhilarating adventure...

Day 1:

Strapped with a bag full of boxers, socks and Go Ape leaflets I'm off to sail the seven seas, pirate training once again. Wish me luck!

Day 1 continued... arrive in Portsmouth.

Day 2:

Touch down Isle of Wight. Met the crew from the Springbord School today, decent bunch of boys all eager to learn and adventure. Should be a great week...


Day 3:

Arrived in Poole, pretty smooth sail today. Hoisted the main and both headsails, tacked twice through the no-go zone. Team is gelling together well, and gaining more knowledge about the boat. Currently playing monopoly and trying to stand up a lighter with my bare feat. Weymouth tomorrow, over and out.

Day 4:

Mad one today, where do I start?

Left Poole around 9:30 and waltzed out of the marina with barely a breeze. One tack later we found ourselves amidst a 'storm' - rogue winds of nearly 30 knots, handrails now submerged in water, we found Challenger 4 nearly bottoming out. By the time we'd rigged reef 1 and 2, it was time to shake the reefs out! Southern fried chicken wraps scrapped, it was time to drop the head sails and main sail, and head on into Weymouth for some mast climbing - still as fun as the first time! 10/10 day for me, hope yours has been just as good. East Cowes tomorrow!

Days 5 & 6:

Quick one for yesterday as I found myself lost in writing reports last night. Slipped Weymouth around 9 o clock and motored straight out of the Balamory-looking town. A dead pigeon had more wind than us today,so we hoisted the main sail and the spinnaker pole. Halliards made, it was time to go pole climbing, after a beautiful demonstration by yours truly, we sent the kids and staff up one by one in time trials against one another, followed by a quick lesson on wind and sail control. We had exhausted all our energy and not quite reached the Solent yet, so we decided to boat party (severe tekkers) it up till we were close enough to port for lines and fenders to be run. A smooth mooring into East Cowes and Pokemon Go's release had blown throw the whole crew. They split themselves up into fishermen and Pokemon trainers and went forth on their adventures. Today it's just a quick motor back to Gunwarf Quays, boat clean and farewell to Springboard School.


Day 7:

1 voyage down, 1 to go. The boys of Springboard left us around 12 o'clock after a full clean through of the boat. Debriefed and final fair wells said, I had a few hours to kill so I had a stroll through Gunwarf Quays and a large afternoon nap.

Day 8:

Changeover day. Week two, Challenger 2 - begin!
Off to the Channel Islands this week so won't be much internet. Expect an overload of beautiful islands when I return. All the best guys.

Day 9:

I took charge of navigating Challenger 2 across the channel to Alderney whilst the rest of the crew and staff introduced themselves and ran through various necessities and what not.

Day 10:

What a beautiful two days I've had in the Channel Islands, two more to go! It's unbelievable scenery here...

Day 11:

Sark. It really is beautiful.

Day 12:

"We're not anchoring tonight, we've got a mooring buoy. It's not got a pickup line though, Josh, so we've volunteered you to attach one".

Yeah cheers team. I managed to stay reasonably dry until the halliard conveniently 'slipped' from the hands of my skipper. Alderney water doesn't taste as bad as I thought, although the seaweed is still in my teeth.

Day 13:

Home time now. What a two weeks I've had! Stormy seas, 8 day sunny streak, mast climbing, pole climbing, cave climbing, sea swimming, local 'cuisines', world famous sailors, national footballers, twix in blankets, broken boats, being let loose with a speedboat, and 12 days of truly incredible adventure.

See you next time Tall Ships!


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