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The Go Ape Tribe Are Off

  • Sophie
  • 13th June 2016

After months of training, it's finally here

The Three Peaks Yachts Race (3PYR) has began, and our team's adventure is starting to unfold on the sea and up in the peaks.

For those of you who are just starting to follow the story, here's what the 3PYR is:

389 miles of sailing. 72 miles of running. 18 miles of cycling. The 3PYR is one of the oldest, longest and toughest multi-sport endurance races in the world. Held once a year, it sees competitors battling the elements as they race up the UK's coast, starting from Barmouth and finishing in Fort William.

We're sure you'll all agree, it's quite something.

Jerome on the adventure so far:

"It's now 2.30 am and the runners have been going for an hour. We had a great sail to Caernarfon finishing 7th which is amazing. The problems started when we turned the engine on to motor to the landing jetty. A crucial part of the engine disintegrated - smoke and alarms everywhere. We had to brush off our ferry gliding skills to land the runners against a 2 knot current with me rowing hard at the back.

Drifting away without power we banked everything on the anchor holding, which it did. Broken parts removed and taken ashore to find repairs that will meet us at Whitehaven...which means the Menai Straights for the first time without an engine. It was all going so well".

Keep a close eye on @JeromeMayhew via Twitter to hear direct from our M.D on the team's adventure.

Here's the latest from the tribe:

We've got everything crossed that the team get back on track. After all, an adventure isn't always easy - and that's part of the fun of it.

Raising money for a great cause

The Go Ape team are racing to raise money to help support the Outward Bound Trust. For every £200 raised, another young person from a disadvantaged background is able to experience the challenge of an Outward Bound course with potentially life changing results. To find out more about the trust, visit

If you want to donate to support the tribe as they embark on one of toughest adventure races, just head to our Virgin Money Giving page.

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