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    18th May is National Work from Home Day!

    • Sophie
    • 14th May 2018
    Giving your tribe the option to stay at home on the 18th is a great start to showing you take their wellbeing seriously. But if you haven’t already, you should think about how you can make smarter working more of a long-term offering.
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    Spruce up your office

    • Sophie
    • 28th March 2018
    Your tribe definitely earn their break time in the office, but is there anywhere they can really get a break? Take a closer look how the office can help your tribe unwind.
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    Five More Ideas For Your Christmas Do

    • Sophie
    • 14th December 2017
    Here 's five more idea for your Christmas do this Christmas from Go Ape!
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    How Sustainability Can Be Positive

    • Sophie
    • 20th September 2017
    At Go Ape we're always thinking of the environment. That's why we're sharing the positive impacts of an eco-friendly workplace, take a look here.
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    Top Teamwork Films To Inspire Your Tribe!

    • Sophie
    • 5th September 2017
    We've put together our most inspiring films that you can share with your tribe to inspire them. Take a closer look here.
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    How Letting People Work From Home Benefits Your Business

    • Sophie
    • 24th August 2017
    Letting your staff work from home could be the next step in your business moving forward. Find out how this can help your business leap forward here.
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    The World's Coolest Offices

    • Sophie
    • 23rd August 2017
    Learn from the best! The best offices produce and amazing workforce. See how major companies from across the globe style their workplace.
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    Office Dos And Don'ts

    • Sophie
    • 16th August 2017
    You spend a lot of time with your work family but it can be easy to forget that great office etiquette is essential to keep this balance. Check out what the essentials are and keep your tribe happy!
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    5 Workplace Myths...BUSTED!

    • Sophie
    • 10th August 2017
    We fancy ourselves as budding Mythbusters here at Banana HQ, and we've taken it upon ourselves to bust the top 5 workplace myths! Click here to find out more.