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Swing, bounce and zoom from dusk and into the night this autumn with our Sundown Sessions.

Thrill-seekers, from Octoberyou are invited to become a creature of the forest with our nighttime adventures.

Tackle mega-high platforms in the darkness or feel the speed of a zip wire as the sun goes down. With minimal lighting, these sense heightening experiences do add a new level of excitement into the mix.

After all, everybody knows that when the sun goes down, the real fun begins…

Treetop Adventure Overview

Experience Treetop Adventure in a whole new light! You will clamber across crossings and zip down zip lines with only minimal lighting to guide you and your tribe. The hardest decision you have to make? Whether you want to be in trees as the sun sets or after sundown?

  • 60 minutes of fun in the trees
  • Participants must be over 1m tall. We recommend anyone under 1.2m is joined in the trees by their supervising adult.
  • Prices start from £19

Where can I book Sundown Sessions Treetop Adventure?

Treetop Adventure Plus Overview

Higher platforms + trickier crossings + a longer zip wire = an even bigger adventure.

Welcome to Treetop Adventure Plus at sundown. It's time to take your adventure to the next level.

  • 60 minutes of fun in the trees
  • Suitable for anyone over 1.2m tall and six years old
  • Prices start from £23


Where can I book Sundown Sessions Treetop Adventure Plus?

Treetop Challenge Xpress Overview

Experience a shorter version of our Treetop Challenge courses with the added thrill of exploring the forest at sundown. Tackle high platforms as the sun sets or feel the speed of a zip wire under a blanket of stars as you coast through the dark.

  • Up to 90 minutes in the trees
  • Each location offers a different combination of treetop components for a truly unique nighttime experience
  • Suitable for anyone over 1.4m tall and ten years old
  • Prices from £25

Where can I book Sundown Sessions Treetop Challenge Xpress?

Forest Segway Overview

It's time to discover the wonder of the forest by Segway at sundown! With only minimal lighting and the sounds of the forest to guide you, this sense-deprived experience adds a whole new level of thrill into the equation.

  • 60 minutes of fun in the forest
  • Adventurers must be at least seven stone to ride a Segway
  • Prices from £29

Where can I book Sundown Sessions Forest segway?

Zip Line Experience Overview

So you love big, high and super-fast zips? Have you ever been on a zip wire after the sun has set? Well, now is your chance. Enjoy Zip Line Experience like never before this autumn.

  • Up to 90 minutes of zips
  • Suitable for anyone over 1.4m tall and ten years old
  • Prices from £20

Where can I book Sundown Sessions Zip line experience?



nets adventure Overview

Bouncy nets 30 feet above the forest floor? Check. Treehouses? Check? Inflatable balls? Super-fast slides? Check. Sundown? Check. New sensations for your tribe to experience? Check.

This is Nets Adventure at Sundown, the ultimate adventure playground.

Where can I book Sundown Sessions nets adventure?

axe throwing Overview

Get ready to enjoy the thrill of flinging an axe at a target in the great outdoors at sundown.

  • 1 hour of axe throwing
  • Minimum age of 16
  • Prices from £17

Where can I book Sundown Sessions axe throwing?


What can I expect?

Wrap up warm and bring your sense of adventure. Go Ape Sundown Sessions are an exciting way to experience the season in a whole new way.

Whether you are cruising on a Segway, taking to the treetops or bouncing Nets Adventure, each after-dark experience (or as it gets dark, depending on the time of your session) will begin with a safety brief from our friendly instructors.

Book your tribe an experience at sunset for the opportunity to explore the forest in ever reducing light, or go for a later start point for the thrill of the woods in complete darkness.

You'll find our courses subtly illuminated to add to the wonder and mystery for our younger adventurers. Adults and older children embarking on an adventure will use a head torch to navigate their way through the night, with only minimal ground lighting for safety.


When can we visit?

Launching in October 2021, dates for activities are site-dependent so please visit the main page for the location you are planning to visit for site-specific details.

However, Sundown Sessions is generally focused on weekends and the October half-term holiday.

Most locations will wrap up at their Sundown Sessions at the end of October but keep an eye out for a few that dare to continue until February 2022.


How do i book?

1. Click the ‘book now’ button at the top of your screen.

2. Choose your preferred location and chosen activity. 

3. Select your date and time, Sundown Sessionss usually start after 5pm, but times can vary by site.

4. From here, follow the usual check-out process, but be quick as spaces are limited!

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