An Epic Adventure for You and Your Staff

Rewarding hard work with a social event is a great way to promote fun and interaction within the team.


Whether you are looking for a morning or a full day of fun activities, we have got you covered. Your designated event co-ordinator is on hand to help you plan the perfect day, jam-packed with various challenges at one of our 34 locations across the UK. We’ve got epic adventures for those with a head for heights as well as those who would prefer to stay far away from a rope ladder.


If you've noticed a slight slump in productivity or some glum expressions around your workplace then it may be time to rejuvenate your Tribe. Stress-reducer, anyone? Social events with us also go down nicely as a reward for the dedication and hard work that your employees put in. A good old thank you is always well received and your staff are sure to feel a sense of value and reward.


Our info pack is a good place to start for some further details, but if our team days look like a contender for you then request a quote or drop us a line.


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