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"Mum, I'm bored" is a phrase all parents dread when the weekend arrives.

girl with red hair on net adventure climbing walkway with children behind with bouncing balls


Kids sulk and sigh as they pace around the house looking for things to do. They want the warmer weather to arrive because to them, that means parks, picnics, water fights, and six whole weeks of playing in the sun with their pals.

But, just because it's winter doesn't mean we need to stay cooped up indoors. We don't need sunshine and balmy temperatures to have fun outside (this is England, after all!). So long as you're not battling blizzard conditions and you wrap up nice and warm, there's plenty of awesome outdoor activities you and your kids can enjoy this winter. Here are 6 of them...

1. Mountain biking

(Most) kids love getting dirty, so why don't you get suited and booted and hit some kid-friendly mountain bike trails? There are some fantastic forest trails across the UK; there may be some slips and slides as you tackle mud, sludge and giant puddles, so don't forget to pack your helmets. Check out the Forestry Commission for family trails near you!

2. Winter nature trail

Nature trails can be just as fun in the winter, so grab your coat, scarves, gloves, a checklist and pen and head out to a nearby forest. As well as looking for different wildlife, trees and plants, try to include some winter-related items on your tick list, such as icy puddles and frosty branches.

3. Photography

A wintry walk in the countryside will provide you with plenty of picture-perfect opportunities, so equip your little one with a camera and tell them to take pictures of everything they find interesting. And the fun doesn't stop there: when you get home, you could print their best snaps and get them to make a wintertime collage. Hours of fun!

4. Winter picnic

"Picnics are for summer," we hear you say. Well, you're wrong. A winter picnic needn't be so 'brrrr' so long as you've packed all the right gear - scarves, hats, gloves, thick coats and trousers, and sturdy shoes (no peep toes please). If you've only got one thermos flask lurking in your kitchen cupboard it may be time to invest in another one; you'll need one for the soup, and one for your hot chocolate.

5. Play in the snow

Many areas of the UK have already received their fair share of snow this year. So if you're yet to have it, there's a good chance you'll be blessed with the white stuff sometime soon. And when it does arrive - think of all the fun your kids (and you) can have! From sledding and skiing to snowball fights and making snow angels, it's important to make the most of it, because it certainly won't be around forever!

6. Go Ape

Do your kids love adventure? If so, then how does an afternoon in the trees sound? After getting harnessed-up and briefed, they'll climb the high ropes to tackle some tricky obstacles and crazy crossings. And they'll finish the course by whizzing down our infamous zip wire. What's more fun than that?

This winter we have more locations than ever are open offering everything from Treetop Adventure to Nets Adventure activites. Leave boredom behind and as part of our Winter Opening Hours book Treetop Adventure, Adventure+, Nets Adventure online now. See you there!