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Race your mates on our new Speed Climbing adventure

On the 3rd August 2021, Speed Climbing, debuted at the Olympics along with the other climbing disciplines of Bouldering and Lead Climbing.

While these events may only have been included in the Olympics this year, they have been around for a quite a while!

According to Perfect Descent, Speed Climbing can be dated back to origins of competitive climbing in 1940’s Soviet Russia - where the time taken to climb a route was used as a key scoring metric.

Speed Climbing only became an official sport in the 1991 at the Climbing World Cup. Since then, popularity around the sport has steadily increased, especially since the 2019 announcement that it would be included in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Man and woman climbing up Go Ape Speed Climbing wall at Alexandra Palace.

As the name suggests, the aim of Speed Climbing is for competitors to make their way up a climbing route as fast as they can.

There are two identical routes on one 15m tall wall and competitors must race each other to the top to stop the clock and get their time.

Since, 2007 there has been one standardised Speed Climbing route, which climbers train and compete on in order to fight for the world record (currently 5.208 seconds)!

For just one month this summer Go Ape Alexandra Palace is offering an exclusive opportunity for you to try speed climbing yourself – don’t worry you don’t need to be an athlete for this wall though!

Man and woman at the bottom of a climbing wall

Unlike its 15m Olympic equivalent, Go Ape Ally Pally’s Speed Climbing Wall is only 9m tall with a range of climbing routes suitable for all abilities.

There are two sets of identical routes so that adventurers can race each other up the wall and buttons at both the bottom and the top of the wall so that each time can be recorded.

A maximum of 6 people can book on per time slot and customers will have 20 minutes (plus additional briefing time) to clamber up and down the wall as fast as they can.

The current Alexandra Palace site record belongs to ex-GB Climber, Jonny White who set an incredible 6.54 seconds!

How fast do you think you can go?

Man in red t shirt and shorts climbing up Go Ape Speed Climbing wall at Alexandra Palace.