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Top Walks at Alice Holt Forest

Are you looking for your next outdoor adventure?

Located in Farnham, Surrey, Alice Holt Forest this is the perfect spot to take in all the benefits of being in the great outdoors and enjoy a leisurely stroll.

With a variety of beautiful tracks winding through the woods, it's also great for hikers looking to tackle something more challenging. As well as some hidden gems for the whole family.

Here are our top trail recommendations for walks at Alice Holt Forest. Lace up your hiking boots!

The Habitat Trail

A shorter trail with forest fun for kids.

Embark on a family adventure that will spark your little ones’ imaginations. Journey deep into the forest where you’ll discover captivating creatures of the woodlands. Along the way explore wondrous wooden play sculptures where children can play on the giant owl, woodpecker and butterfly - perfect entertainment in a magical forest setting.

Easy - Trail Length - 0.6 miles (0.9 km)

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Image credits: Forestry England

The Timberline Trail

A quick play trail for kids.

Add this to the start of the Habitat Trail or experience it as a quick pit stop to entertain the kids. With play structures and an exciting Timberline Play Area, the Timberline Trail is another way to indulge nature-loving kids in the great outdoors.

Easy - Trail Length - 0.3 miles (0.5 km)

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Image credits: Forestry England

Willows Green Trail

Visit the Gruffalo and explore Forestry England’s Tree-mendous Trail.

Experience the diversity of woodland habitats as you explore this short trail - from the shadows of towering dark green conifers to the sun-dappled glades of mature oak, explore Forestry England’s Tree-mendous trail where you can learn the simple and fascinating ways to tell the trees at Alice Holt Forest apart. Don’t forget to visit the popular Gruffalo sculpture on your way!

Easy - Trail Length - 0.5 miles (0.8 km) (note: this trail can get boggy in bad weather)

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Image credits: Forestry England

Lodge Pond Trail

Mix family fun with a woodland escape.

A scenic woodland route where you can escape it all to delve into the heart of the forest. First venture along the Habitat Trail and take in the amazing wooden art, then find the calm of nature as you pass through enchanting broadleaf woodland and tall pine forests.
Stumble upon a piece of history as you come to Lodge Pond, the highlight of this trail. Lodge Pond is believed to have been created by Medieval monks as one of many fisheries. They used the pond to breed carp, which formed a crucial part of their diet.
But this trail offers more than just a glimpse into history, it's a perfect destination for the entire family merging the peaceful woodland landscape with fun for the kids too.

Moderate - Trail Length - 2.5 miles (4 km)

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Image credits: Forestry England

The Shipwrights Way

A long-distance, history-rich route.

The Shipwrights Way is a whopping 50-mile long distance route open to walkers, cyclists and horse-riders.
This trail connects various villages and towns in East Hampshire, passing through picturesque rural landscapes.

But fear not, the route runs from Alice Holt Forest and the full trail has been divided into 12 sections. With an enjoyable 3 mile section starting from Alice Holt Forest hosting three of the twenty amazing sculptures along the route of The Shipwrights Way.

Each sculpture tells a story or depicts an aspect of the area where they stand, carved by artist Richard Perry from Portland stone.

On your 3 mile journey from Alice Holt Forest you will be surrounded by mature woodland as you traverse wide gravel tracks. As you make your way through the forest, you'll have the opportunity to catch glimpses of the stunning landscapes beyond. The final mile of the journey takes you along an ancient trackway, complete with a river crossing that features both a ford and a footbridge, making for a truly unique and memorable experience.

For more information about the whole 50 mile route visit Shipwights Way.

Easy - Trail Length - 0.3 miles (0.5 km)

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Image credits: Forestry England

Discover Alice Holt Forests Easy Access Trail suitable for wheelchairs and pushcairs.

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