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An Adventure for Two

In our opinion, shared adventures are the best adventures! That's why all of our forest activities are suitable for any size group, whether you fancy tackling tree-top obstacles with your tribe in tow, or rolling through the forest en masse aboard our all-terrain Segways.

Our adventures are particularly perfect for pairs, whether you're other half is actually your other half, or perhaps one of your parents, mates, or kids. In fact, if you're looking for an adventure for two and are swinging by the capital anytime soon, you've got to check out our twin Tree Top Adventure course nestled amidst the woodland in Trent Park!

Aside from Go Ape, here are some other adventurous activities-for-two that you and your partner can get involved in:


Why walk down a hill when you can roll down it in a giant, inflatable ball!? Choose to be strapped in face-to-face (harness zorbing), or enter the ball with 40 or so litres of water and slip 'n' slide your way down (much more fun, in our opinion). Prepare for zorbing to turn your world upside down... literally!


Now, there's definitely a knack to tandem biking, but it's mega fun once you've mastered it! The first thing you'll need to agree on is who's at the front (captain) and who's at the rear (stoker). And if you bagsied the back, you must resist all temptation to sneakily ease off the pedals! Stick to quiet, flat cycle paths to start, remembering to count down from three before pushing off!


What better way to explore the UK's glorious coast than via a tandem kayak? Depending on where you visit, you could discover everything from hidden coves to giant caves and deserted beaches as you paddle around, and you're bound to spot some sea life, too.


Turning up the notch a little, how do you fancy becoming hovercraft pilots for the day? Skimming across the water, you can take it in turns to steer this powerful beast, which reaches up to 40mph! Definitely one for the speed freaks!


If you like living life on the edge and then jumping off it how about signing up to a tandem bungee jump? Prepare for a huge adrenaline rush as you and your partner take the leap of faith while locked in a tight embrace!

Have you embarked on any daring duo adventures other than the ones mentioned above? Let us know what they are, and we might check them out ourselves!