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As fans of adventures and adventuring, we try to talk the talk AND walk the walk at Go Ape. We're dedicated to ensuring that every person has a great day out at Go Ape, but we also want to support our team and help them keep on adventuring!

Every year our co-owners have access to subsided Naturally Powered adventures organised and led by Go Ape (all over the world). Some trips this year included: Stand up Paddleboarding around Northumberland, multi-activity trips to North Wales and an intrepid expedition to Morocco up the highest mountains in North Africa (Mount Toubkal).  

Go Ape also offers the "Adventure Fund", which employees can use to fund their own adventures. Everyone can send an application for their proposed adventure, and funding is allocated. 

Instructors Megan and Sophie from Go Ape Leeds Castle recently made great use of the fund when they set off for an adventure in France in their van, Kelvin.

two go ape instructors pose with kelvin the van

Posing with our baby Kelvin, he was the heart beat of our entire trip. We love that boy and couldn’t be more grateful for the amount of mileage he allowed us to do.

Kelvin is literally our baby and has allowed us to experience some pretty amazing adventures out on the road. This year we decided to take him on a massive road trip to France. Risky business considering he’s an 04 plate with pitted disk brakes and covered in endless amounts of rust. Regardless we love him, and we knew he wouldn’t let us down!

We spent a whole 10 days in France road-tripping, starting from Calais and reaching as far as Chamonix with a whole lot of exploring In between. This adventure was filled with everything Soph, and I LOVE to do. We ran, hiked, sunbathed, climbed many Via Ferratas, swam, parasailed, ate lots of pizza and drank A-LOT of beer!

two go ap instructors take a selfie in a lake in france

Swimming in Lake Annecy: Beautiful blue water and a whole lot of sunshine.  

instructor posing on a via ferrata bridge in france

Posing on the via ferrata climbs (also know as ironways) in and around Chamonix.

instructor on via ferrata in france

Unbelievable views and big smiles on our faces.

go ape instructor para gliding in france

Paragliding in Chamonix, right next to Mont Blanc. We even had the chance to pilot the paraglider and take part in some acrobatic paragliding. The views were impeccable to say the least! 

Go ape instructor watching the sunset in France with cows

Watching the sun set, patiently waiting for the next day to come around so we could watch Coldplay at the Stade De France.  

go ape instrictors by a waterfall in france

Exploring on the ground (kind of) there are so many beautiful places hidden away in the mountains of Chamonoix.

“Thank you for funding part of the trip through the adventure fund and encouraging staff to live life adventurously. It means a lot to us to be able to go on these fantastic with the help of Go Ape, and it really was a trip of a lifetime.”