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Banana HQ

Our Suffolk base is where we plot to get the whole world swinging through the trees.

We've been on the move and the tribe have settled in well to their new leafy hangout.

You've probably wondered what Banana HQ looks like and what makes the folk inside tick. The Go Ape tribe can be found nestled at the end of a tree-lined drive, tucked away in a picturesque barn conversion. Inside, there's a 'chill out' area to plot new adventures, a table tennis table to release those competitive spirits, Gorilla Groceries to refresh and refuel, and a BBQ to encourage the tribe to relax at lunch Go Ape style.


'To make going to work fun, to inspire millions of new adventurers on our Tree Top Adventure and to keep the tribe on top of their game.'

There's just one question we're still trying to figure out. Where shall we put the tree house?

Here's a sneak peek of the NEW Banana HQ.


Table Tennis