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help #ChangeAGirlsLife with the Prince's Trust

This International Women’s Day Go Ape are teaming up with up with our national charity, The Prince’s Trust to make a genuine and lasting impact for the most vulnerable young women across the UK.

As a part of the #ChangeAGirl’s life campaign we will be donating £3 from every online booking purchased on International Women’s Day on the 8th March. Your adventures will help to directly impact girl’s future.

Find out more about some of the young people The Prince’s Trust support and how they’ve helped.

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Charlotte Wilkins

Before lockdown, Charlotte had worked at McDonald's for 10 years. She enjoyed working there but knew it wasn’t a forever job. Then the pandemic happened and she decided to use the extra furloughed time to develop new skills personally and through The Prince’s Trust.

“I’ve always been interested in tech products and liked the idea of being part of an exciting new industry. I started looking for adult training courses at the start of 2020, and the pandemic meant there were more courses available.”

Charlotte applied for The Prince’s Trust and Generation Amazon Web Services (AWS) Re/start Course which covered a wide range of developmental skills and was also provided with a laptop by The Prince’s Trust.

“Other people on the course had no tech industry experience either so we all learnt together. At the end we sat an exam and I gained an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner qualification.”

With the Prince’s Trust’s support, she has now started a career in tech and hopes to continue to grow and develop her skills in the future.

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Sophie Rogers

Sophie Rogers Prince's Trust ambassador

With support from The Prince’s Trust, Sophie set up ‘High Vibe Crystal Cabin’, a business which sells ethically sourced crystals from all over the world and creates unique pieces of jewellery from them.

Sophie is a fully trained yoga and meditation teacher who hopes to continuously improve her own and mental health and wellbeing – this is the inspiration behind her business. One day she hopes to have her own wellness/retreat centre to create a safe and supporting environment for others to enjoy these benefits too.

“I had no experience of running my own business, that’s what was so great about the support I received from The Prince’s Trust. They guided me through the whole process, from an idea to launching the business They helped me with my business plan, how to price my items and how best to market my business. My mentor was there to support and encourage me too. Especially when things didn’t quite go to plan. My confidence grew and I really started to believe I could make my business a success.”

"Running my own business has enabled me to share what is important to me with other people. I’ve grown in confidence as a business-woman too. It’s so rewarding!"

Read the full story about Sophie.

Ruqayah Sweetman

Ruqayah Sweetman Prince's Trust participant

Ruqayah’s always wanted to work within the NHS. However, her plans to study psychology at University were halted due to issues with her citizenship - which have now been sorted. Following this she decided to study and work at the same time and, in 2020, joined the Get Started in Health and Social Care online mentoring programme.

With Support from the Prince’s Trust team, she was supported in her job search and eventually secured a position as a Healthcare Assistant at her local hospital in June 2020.

"In the future, I’d like to pursue a career working in the mental health field within the NHS. Working as a healthcare assistant has given me the opportunity to understand the care sector and build on my experience, which I believe will help me to develop a successful career moving forward."

Read the full story about Ruqayah.

Olivia Blackburn

Growing up Olivia experienced significant mental and physical health challenges which affected her life and education. She decided to leave school early and ended up seeking help with her mental health.

After leaving school, she worked part-time in a children’s activity/play centre and continued to support and help in her family home due to her mum’s illness. Then, she saw an advert for a Prince’s Trust course run in partnership with NHS Scotland and Dundee & Angus College. The Programme supported young people to gain the skills and experience needed to work in the NHS and she decided to apply. Olivia was successful in gaining a plan and completed the six-week programme of training.

"I’m really excited to start my Nursing studies, I never thought I would have so many options or a future with my dream career. I have so many forms of support around me, and I would not be where I am if it weren’t for The Trust, Dundee and Angus College or the NHS.”

Read Olivia’s full story.

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