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Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

Last updated: 02/02/2024

My Voice matters

This children's mental health Week Places2Be wants all children and young people whoever they are and wherever they are in the world to be able to share and believe that their voice matters.

Research shows that children and young people who feel that their voices are heard and can make a difference, have a greater sense of community and self-esteem. They feel empowered and this can have a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Sharing our voices

I hear with my little ear… lots of noise in the Go Ape forest!

There’s always a delightful cacophony of chaos and laughter in the tree tops, the metallic music of zip lines and the occasional Tarzan call! 

It's so rewarding to watch how adventurers, especially children and young people, develop throughout their experience. Whether they're initially excited or cautious, there's a transformation that occurs by the end of their Go Ape adventure.

With fresh air all around and adrenaline pumping through our system, our voices and hearts become freer and people naturally let go of the everyday things. They live in the moment as they clamber through the sky. They connect with each-other whist overcoming tricky obstacles.     

Our unique adventures are a chance for young people to step outside of their comfort zones and prove to themselves that they can do more than they believed. And we want to inspire them to continue this belief once they're back on the ground. To bring this to every area of their life: through speech and action.    

Young boy in red on Go Ape zip line

The Voices of Young Adventurers

"I felt quite scared at first but managed to overcome my fears and do it."

"My favourite part was also the zipline because it felt like I was flying."

At the start, I felt like something was going to break.... But at the end, I got confident, and I just got over it."

Media Cubs


In 2023 Go Ape Delamere invited, the social enterprise, Media Cubs, who have a bold mission to ensure that everyone can access a career in the media.

Three aspiring young journalists, tried out our Treetop Adventure Plus experience and interviewed the team on the ground, including Go Ape staff and on-site visitors, to get the scoop.

They grew in confidence and skill throughout their experience and it gave them a chance to share their views and opinions in an authentic way. Check out the video to see what they got up to.

Learn more about Children's Mental Health Week

Want to know more about Children's Mental Health Awareness Week and how to get involved? Head to Place2Be's website to access interesting resources and information.   

Share your voice in the great outdoors

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Young girl in white shirt on Go Ape crossing