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Who can Go Ape?

Last updated: 16/08/23 

You've been thinking about unleashing your inner Tarzan in the tree tops for a while now, but aren’t quite sure if you'll physically be able to swing with us.

Well, maybe we can clear the air..."Can I Go Ape?" is one of the most common questions our tribe get asked. While our adventures are challenging (both mentally and physically), you will be able to conquer them as long as you're reasonably fit and healthy.

Who is Go Ape for?



If you can comfortably climb a ladder, you can swing through the trees at Go Ape. You don't need to hit the gym five days a week or follow a diet of an Olympian to monkey around in the trees with us. It's our mission to make adventure accessible, which is why we've created courses to accommodate as many people as possible.

You'll burn hundreds of calories on our adventures without even realising it - and there are certain obstacles that are more challenging than others.  

Conquering THe nerves


If you're someone who gets butterflies just thinking about heights, trying out Go Ape can be quite the adventure. Imagine tackling swinging obstacle courses and ziplines high up in the trees!

It’s completely normal to feel a little cautious – that’s what makes us human – but, take it from us a Go Ape adventure is a chance to conquer your nerves in a fun and exhilarating way. Conquering those tree top challenges might just give you a whole new perspective on facing your fears.

Plus, when you're up in the canopy, you carve your own path. On every high ropes adventure there are a number of points where you get to choose whether to take on the easier or harder obstacle. Whether on Treetop Adventure or Treetop Challenge, you are in control of your path. You can choose to start with the simpler obstacles, then move on to the trickier ones (Stirrups, we're looking at you) as your confidence grows!

“One of my older children, Ryder, was on the Treetop Adventure Plus course and half way round panicked. Although physically capable he is unable to talk due to a mechanical problem in the back of his mouth. An instructor called to help him and was was absolutely brilliant.

I understand that this is part of the job but it was the way he delivered the support that was so brilliant. He didn’t just get Ryder down,  he gave him confidence to continue the entire course and when he came down he was so proud of himself. This is a child that generally shies away from people he does not know because of his speech but the instructor went above and beyond. 

We also had another child that just decided it was not for him and the office happily gave us a refund. Again this is an exceptional service and unexpected."

Additional Needs Support 


All our courses are designed to be accessible, but they do offer a degree of physical and mental challenge. This may mean that additional equipment, adjustments to our training and/or levels of supervision will be required for safe participation.

If you think that you might need additional support, just give us a call on 01603 895500 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements. We can provide extra equipment or support may be needed for your adventure, or we might have to tweak our training to ensure you get the most from your Go Ape experience. Head over to our accessibility page to discover how we can support you on your adventurous day out.

woman in pink tshirt walking over high obstacle course holding safety rope


If you have a pre-existing medical conditions then we recommend you visit the course first to check it out. The Go Ape tribe aren't medically qualified, so you're responsible for conducting your own risk assessment.

Go Ape strongly recommends that pregnant women do not take part on the course. If you decide to proceed you must notify a member of staff and sign an additional disclaimer.

Safety Measures and Equipment


Every one of our 36 locations is custom built to consider the safety of all adventurers, our tribe and even the trees our courses are on.

Before you take part in any adventure our experienced instructors will teach you exactly what to do and you’ll be able to practice what you’ve learnt on a low-level training course.

Want to find out more about some of the safety systems in place? Check out our continuous belay vs self belay blog about our high ropes safety systems.

Age and Height Requirements


We’ve got high ropes and ground-based adventures for all ages and abilities, but not all adventures are suitable for everyone. Discover the height, weight and age restrictions for our Go Ape adventures.

Treetop Challenge

Min Height: 1.4m Tall

Min Age: 10 years (Self Belay)/No Minimum (Continuous Belay)

Max Weight: 130kg/20.5 stone


Treetop Adventure

Min Height: 1m tall

Min Age: No minimum age 

Max Weight: 130kg/20.5 stone



Treetop Adventure Plus

Min Height: 1.2m tall

Min Age: 6 years

Max Weight: 130kg/20.5 stone



Forest Segway

Max Weight: 117kg/18.4 stone

Min Weight: 45kg/7 stone


Nets Adventure

Min Age: 1 years (Able to Walk Unaided)

Max Weight: 130kg/20.5 stone


Axe Throwing

Min Age: 16 years

Min Height: None 


Zip Trekking

Min Age: 13 years

Min Height: 1.4m

Max Weight: 125kg/19.5 stone

Min Weight: 45kg/7 stone


Still after more information? Check out our Go Ape Guides to find everything you may need to know for your next adventure. See you soon!

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Man in Black on Treetop Challenge at Go Ape Alexandra Palace