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Don't Let Rain Stop Play

Last updated: 21/08/23 

By Guest Blogger Katie Kinsella 

Rainy Day Activities for kids 

Let's admit it, how many of us looked out of the window and our first thoughts were "uh, it's raining"; then how many of us immediately felt low in mood and a lack of motivation? Count me in for that one!

This feeling is ingrained from our own childhoods: Rain means stuck inside, rain means wet play at school, rain means cooped up slightly feral children! We need to reframe this for our own children. 

The rain is important for all the crops growing. For all the trees and flowers. The rain brings a different sensory element and we need to teach them, and learn ourselves sometimes, to embrace it.

As long as you have decent waterproof clothing on, and enough layers to keep warm, the rain actually, dare I say it, can be so much fun! The sound of it bouncing off your hood or the buggy cover brings a rhythmically relaxing sound, it ALWAYS sends my boy off to sleep.

The smells of the blossom and flowers seem stronger. Once you get out in it, you realise it really isn’t so bad. Don’t let it put you off your nature exercise walks. Have puddle jumping contests, the most creative jump wins. 

Or challenge your children to collect puddles like they would in a computer game, jumping in each one like they’re collecting stars. Who can get the highest score? Look at the plants on your walk, which flowers ‘hide’ from the rain, dandelions are a good example.

If you’re in the garden, provide containers to watch them filling with rain, can you predict how long it will take to fill up? Use cloths and squeegees to wipe the slide or be a window cleaner. Draw or write with chalk and watch the rain make it disappear.

If you’re feeling adventurous get in the tent and sit with a hot drink and blankets, snuggle up watching the rain and tell stories to each other. Even without tent, you can sit with the door open and create that environment. Just looking out at nature can improve our sense of wellbeing. You could provide a warm soapy water tray so their hands don't get cold whilst they are embracing water play.

There are so many play opportunities in the rain, teaching resilience, positive mental attitude, adapting. We all need to learn to dance in it!

Katie Kinsella is a nature loving mother of two wonderful children. She is trained as a primary school teacher, author of our Go Ape book and currently works as a Nature Therapeutic Support Worker. Follow her on Instagram @mama_nature24 for more inspiring content about embracing nature and living an outdoor lifestyle with a young family.

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